Tuesday, February 10, 2009

FWG: Chris Cooley Was In My Bathroom (and I liked it)

Editor's note: I know we posted the Maxim story on August 18, 2008 but we didn't know FWG then and apparently he didn't read our blog. So when he wrote this post I thought it was pretty funny that he just came across the Maxim article now. Enjoy.

Monday morning rolls around and like many of you, I'm sure, rolling out of bed means shaking off the rust from a rough Friday night, a tough Saturday night, and a lazy Sunday. Ahh but such is the plight of the American workforce (don't you just love capitalism).

So I'm out of bed, make my way across a smattering of scattered bodies (alas, some of my roommates are still living the "college dream"), and into my bathroom. Where I sit on my thrown while the water warms up.

This is probably where I do my best thinking. Actually, its where I do ALL my thinking. I grab a Maxim off the stack, and proceed to thumb the pages, not necessarily interested, but surely enjoying some of the eye candy. We'll call it, "food for thought." One thing you have to understand before I proceed is that, well, these magazines are all about a year old. 8 months at their newest. Part of it is that my roomates and I are all broke. And part of it is that we are too lazy to go buy new reading material, so we read, and re-read the same articles in the same 6 magazines over, and over, and over again (somehow, a Cosmo has made its way into the stack).

So there I am this morning, reading the "2008 NFL Preview," when who do I see? That's right. None other than Mr. Cooley himself. Captain Chaos right there on the pages of my beloved Maxim.

I'm not sure how I missed this over the past months, perhaps the haze of the season hid this little treasure from me. At any rate, it was a pleasant surprise. I laughed out loud. Here I am dropping the kids off at the pool, with this bearded gentleman pleasantly smiling back at me from the pages of this border-line-smut-always-entertaining magazine.

I read the short interview, explaining how he got the nick-name "Captain Chaos." Turns out it was an exchange between him and Brian Kozlowski. I'm sure you already know that. What you might NOT know is that Koz is not only a UConn Alum, but also from my home town in Upstate New York (a Suburb of Rochester).

I finished my shower, and headed back to my room where the girlfriend lay, still sleeping. I told her my good fortune (she was less than excited about it).
Because of this, my Monday sucked a little less.

Another note: Hats off to the guys at Maxim who predicted a pro-bowl bid for Chris this season. Well picked, sir(s).

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