Thursday, February 26, 2009

Practice Shorts

I've been working pretty hard over the last couple weeks getting art work ready to put a show together. I can hardly believe that I'm going all the way through with this, but after the school visits the scholarship program was set up completely. I started this painting of myself on Monday (the one below) and I know there is no background, but I feel like I'm done. At least the hard part is finished. This will be the 7th completed project in the last six weeks. I'm hoping to have about 20 for the show/auction. I figured that a few Redskins or Cooley pieces may be really cool, so that's why the practice picture.
Again, what art is sold will be donated to the "Cooley" scholarship program. For this year the goal is to raise 250,000 dollars. Should be exciting.

Also, if anyone knows of a good place to have a show that would be amazing. I'm thinking like hotel ballroom feel or something like that. Really, just some quality open space would be great. Oh yea, free works best for this purpose. Anyways if there are any ideas out there I would love to hear about them. Email subject: Art show building

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