Saturday, February 7, 2009

FWG: Why I Hate Mike Tomlin

Okay, so here it is aside he fact the Steelers fans are like Yankees fans, meaning you never hear the end of it, "Greatest franchise this, most titles that...." Telling everyone within ear shot of their own greatness. You know what? I'd rather take a sharp stick to the eye. Go screw.

I live with a DIE HARD Steelers fan. It's like like a small slice of Hell on Earth. Its not even worth arguing any more, I simply sit there keeping to myself, quietly counting all the holes in his argument.

I'm a Bills fan. We started this past season 5-0, and I was just about ready to buy my Super Bowl XLIII Bills Championship Commerative Hat. Then (like always) a monumental collapse. Maybe I should resign to the fact that we simply just peaked in the early 90's (you know its harder to get to the Super Bowl, than it is to win it....). But I've literally been a fan as long as I can remember:That would be me with Bills legendary line Cornelius Bennett and Shane Conlan.

So maybe this isn't so much a post about why I hate Mike Tomlin, and more a post on why I hate myself. I am self-loathing.
But I do hate Tomlin for several reason:

  1. For the next year I will have to listen to my roommate tell me how the Steelers are the best team to ever play football.
  2. Mike Tomlin Hates Santa. 
  3. Mike Tomlin killed my dog.
  4. He looks like Darnell Jefferson (Omar Epps) from The Program:

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