Saturday, January 10, 2009


Thanks to Comcast, Eric Shuster, and all the hockey players that stopped by and said hello for a minute after the game. Before we left Leesburg last night to head to the Verizon Center there was an inconclusive moment deciding whether or not the game was worth the travel. Here is my top ten why it was worth it.

1. Our seats were on the glass. It's bad ass to sit on the front row for a hockey game. I'm definitely going back.

2. Making out with Christy on the scoreboard kiss cam. I also made the Delta Dental smile cam. I am all about the jumbo tron at DC sporting events.

3. Double metro trips into the city full of pleasure. -Arriving at the first train we boarded as the doors closed; Tanner didn't make it. I watched my friend Preston do pull ups on the hand rail on the way home. - We had a leather jacket wearing stalker following us and had to go covert to get him off our trail.

4. Even more car craziness. When we got back to the Vienna stop and walked to the parking lot I found that somehow I had left the Mercedes running for the entire time. 5pm to 2am. Needless to say the gas was pretty low. How no one stole the car I'm not sure, but I do know that special push button start is killing me.

5. Meeting Kozlov after the game. I took cell phone pictures and sent them to my friend Kozlowski "Koz" immediately.
6. Trying to break into the locker room to steal Ovechkin's stick. We didn't get it.
7. Some crazy girl in the bar grabs my hand and says "I just want to tell you.... Your my second favorite tight end...behind Witten." Then she throws in a "Oh, bitch ass!" It ended there for me as I proceeded to act like a nine year old and quickly explain she was the ugliest girl in the bar. She was. No really, she was. And I felt better afterward.

8. Everyone in the city loves to yell "Coooooley! Like were in the stadium. I guess kind of fitting in the hockey game, but kind of weird on the street. It just doesn't happen that often in Ashburn, so it just surprised me to hear it everywhere we went. It is pretty damn cool though!

9. Talking shit to the other teams players. I love being a fan. There is just something great about screaming at the opposing team. At least telling a guy he is a bitch and your gonna beat his ass after the game. The weird thing was actually seeing them in the tunnel after the game. No way they remembered, but then, I might have.
10. Getting out of bed at 11:15 this morning. It was a long night, but I haven't been in bed till 11 in a long time. It felt so good.

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