Sunday, December 14, 2008

TC: P90X Update Week 1

After getting such a good response to the first post, I am excited to do a weekly update. Since beginning P90X 10 days ago I have come to realize it is way more than I expected. I am just as or more sore than I was after 2-a-day football practices. So here is my breakdown of the last week and a half of workouts.

  • Chest and Back/AB RIPPER X - If I have ever felt weak before, this topped it. I needed a workout like this more than ever.
  • Plyometrics (from HELL) - Chuck Norris couldn't do this like the guys on the video. If we had done this shit in college, I guarantee at least one lineman death from heart attack.
  • Shoulders and Arms/AB RIPPER X - I officially hate ab ripper x in every way possible. My hips were so sore after the first day and this only doubled it.
  • Yoga/Rest - Rest my ass, I did more rest than Yoga and I was still sweating.
  • Legs/Back - LUNGE LUNGE LUNGE. This was absolute lunging hell. My ass and quads are sore and I have to do it again in 3 days.
  • KENPO - Talk about awkward. It was a good thing no one was around to see me clumsily kicking and punching air. I would have seriously been embarrassed.
  • STRETCH - I needed every minute of this. At one point in my life I was flexible but not this day. Who would think that stretching can make you sweat?
  • Chest and Back/AB RIPPER X - This was all about getting better than last time. It is the same thing but you are supposed to track your progress. I still couldn't keep up with guys on video but I tried to beat my own wimpy numbers from last time.
  • Nothing. This was yesterday I really didn't workout at all. I guess I walked a lot (Christmas shopping). I wanted to use some of my new Kenpo moves on the people at the mall but resisted. I'm too sore to even pick a fight with a 6 year old.
After the last post there were quite a few people who had questions that I didn't have answers to. Maybe some of this will help. If you were someone that is contemplating doing this, I very highly recommend it.

Each workout is an hour and only takes longer if you pause it. As far as the equipment needed, when you go to buy this thing online, they try and sell you tons of extra stuff. Realistically you don't need a ton of stuff. I bought 2 extra things, a door frame pull up bar from Dick's for 30 dollars and 2 dumbbells on eBay for 6 dollars. The DVDs comes with bands so if you didn't want to get dumbbells, you could probably swing it with just the bands.

After a week of no soda, no beer, and no sweets (plus the workouts) I have lost about three pounds. I really am not trying to lose weight as much as I am trying to burn body fat but I don't care to shed some Thanksgiving dinner. I know that I am doing good work because if I were more sore I couldn't walk and if I were less sore I wouldn't be satisfied.

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