Friday, December 12, 2008

Player Profile: Jason Fabini

We have learned a lot about Jason Fabini the past few days. 
1. He drives a smart car. 

2. He was in a major motion picture.
3. He likes short shorts.
4. He is an amazing cook.

Even after learning this there are still many things most don't know about the 34 year old Cincinnati grad. 10 years ago Jason started his career playing for the New York Jets. That first year was the closest he would come to the Super Bowl on a Bill Parcels coached team went 12-4 and won the AFC East but eventually lost to the Championship bound Denver Broncos. Over the next 9 years Jason played for 3 teams, 5 head coaches, 11 different quarterbacks, and made the playoffs 5 times. 

He has had quite a career and this weekend he will make his 128th career start. With all that experience I am hoping he can provide the team with some much needed help upfront. Because as cool as being an environmentally proactive, Hollywood extra with a knack for the kitchen is, blocking the hell out of the Bengals is all that matters. 

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