Thursday, December 11, 2008

Fantasy Playoffs

The fantasy football playoffs are finally here. Cooley's Zornado holds the top seed after finishing the season 10-4. There is a 4 way tie between teams finishing 9-5 and only three get their shot at the title. Who is out? Well since all five of Fred Davis's losses were to the teams with the five worst records, The Chocolate Assassins will be fighting for the consolation championship. The rest of the the playoffs looks like this, The Better Halves (girls) #2, DC Lumber Co. (Smoot) #3, and Team Red Snapper (Shawn Shizam) #4. 

Thanks to these four teams will be competing not only for pride but also for the chance to raise this baby over their head. 
The consolation bracket is as follows #5 Chocolate Assassins, #6 Lionel Richie Boys (J. Camp), #7 Bulldozers (Reed Doughty), and #8 Cavemen (Sellars). That leaves only Colt Brennan and Santana Moss out of the running. But what can they expect with only 5 combined wins...

So with all this excitement in the air, can the girls continue there reign of greatness in this league? Can Shizam kick his way out of his current slump? If so, he may also be kicking his way out of the playoffs (he plays for the Zornado). This is where champions are made. Who will it be??

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