Saturday, December 6, 2008

Picks of the Week

Sorry I haven't kept up with the picks the last couple weeks, I know I suck and I should have kept up better, but to be honest I have a pick-em pool with Christy and her family and I have done horrible.  So anyone who would have used my picks would have gotten crushed for the last weeks. I mean last week I won three games, really, three games.  So embarrassing.  

Because of a couple generous businesses sending us some awesome stuff, this weeks picks will be brought to you by them. sent a couple big bags of nuts, way good.  I highly recommend the dirty white trash.  Although the didn't actually send me a case of beer, they followed through and sent some nice beer mugs.  The Green Turtle (mikeswench) sent us some really cool turtles having sex shirts.  Any sex on a shirt is a great idea, but turtles make it much better. Finally sent us a couple shirts.  Thank all you guys so much for the stuff.  We love it; it will be cherished.   So we're clear.  No one asked us to promote anything.  There's really nothing in it for us, we just thought it was cool that we got the stuff.  Also if someone did want to pay us for something on this site, we will feel no shame. 

JAC  @ CHI     Bears
MIN @ DET    Seriously the Lions will probably lose every single game this season.  Bummer.
CIN  @ IND     Colts
PHI  @ NYG    How good are the Giants.  They win
CLE  @ TEN    Ten
ATL  @ NO     We gotta have the Saints help us out.  Saints
HOU @ GB     Packers
MIA  @ BUF   Too cold for the Dolphins.  Bills
NYJ  @ SF       Nyj
NE    @ SEA    NE
KC    @ Den    Broncos are so sporadic, but I stick with em every week.
STL  @ ARI    Cards 
DAL @ PIT     It's obvious who I have to go with here.  Steelers
WAS @Bal      Hail
TB     @Car     Goin with the home team.  Panthers. 

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