Friday, December 5, 2008

Girl of the Month

The offensive line has decided that the Cooley Zone is in desperate need of a girl of the month. After being encouraged for the last three weeks I have decided to allow this request. There was quite a bit of consideration on how this type of a contest would go, but I think we've came to a very exciting conclusion. We will allow all of the offensive lineman on the team to become a panel of judges, so they will be in charge of picking the winner.

Part 2 of this contest will be the politically correct part. The line and I have to decide there will also be a dude of the month winner selected. This idea was created for the female readers on the site who may appreciate it. The winner of dude of the month will be judged by the wives or better halves of the offensive line.

There are specific rules that will make this contest a complete success. 

Rule 1 - No nude pictures will be selected as winners. We've learned from past mistakes of the dangers of nudity.
Rule 2 - Every month will be a theme month. Since this month is December some kind of holiday theme would be a good start.
Rule 3 - No stolen pictures from the internet. We will require at least the word "thecooleyzone" somewhere in the picture.
Rule 4 - Don't rule out a sense of humor as a possibility of winning every month.
Rule 5 - Along with the picture all contestants must submit a paragraph about why they read our site.

Good luck to everyone who enters. This month's contest will conclude on December 26. The winning pictures and paragraph will be posted on December 31. Send all pictures to with the subject "Babe, or Dude of the month."

The winners will also receive a 100 dollar gift certificate to our store. Have fun.

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