Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Ultimate Beer Pong Table

Written By The Guru

After the HUGE win in Dallas, it was only customary to rub it in as ‘Cowboy Dan’ had mentioned to all my Cowpoke friends. I cannot stress how much this team has grown from the beginning of training camp to now. Coming into this week, I think the motto should be “Make it Three for Philthy,” pointing to their loss column. Redskins’ momentum is monstrous, and they will ride it into Philly.

On another note, my apartment was desperately trying to find a theme for our beer pong table. Our other friends had chosen just an ‘M’, or the school colors. But why settle for ordinary? I free-handed the Redskin logo onto the table which was pretty hard to draw— especially to that size. From there, I made the lines bigger with permanent marker. Swallowing our pride we strolled into a craft store and bought paint, grabbing the attention of every middle-aged woman in the store.

Painting the logo took five coats, just because of the green background we had to work with. From there we painted the rest of the table dark green and put “The MerkHouse,” our apartment name around the logo. Needless to say, our table is the envy of the rest of the campus—especially with a juggernaut team lighting up the middle. Just another piece of Redskin flare for a guru’s collection. We are proud to show our allegiance to Washington.
Hail to the Redskins!!

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