Friday, October 3, 2008

TC: College Football GOW

Normally when Florida State plays Miami it is the talk of the town, but this year, who cares. So that leaves me with two choices for a game of the week. My first is Ohio State/Wisconsin which should be a great game. If the Badgers remember that football games don't end after the third quarter they should send the Buckeyes home with their 2nd loss on the year.

The second and could be the only GOW is between one loss Auburn and the should be ranked higher but they've only beat nobodies Vanderbilt. If Auburn loses the Commodores should jump into the top 10 but I don't see that happening.

"We're 4-1 and played a very tough schedule to this point and we haven't seen hardly anything from this offense," Tigers coach Tommy Tuberville said. "Once we get going, it's going to be much better."

Auburn's confidence + Vanderbilt's defense (364 YPG) = Tigers Win.

Other games that are worth paying attention to this week:
Illinois @ Michigan
Maryland @ Virginia (for VA/MD folks)
#23 Oregon @ #9 USC

Games with potential for major upset (please comment on these)
#4 Missouri @ Nebraska
#7 Texas Tech @ K. State
#16 Kansas @ Iowa State
#5 Texas @ Colorado.

There should be some great battles between these conference rivals with all home teams being the underdog. I say Colorado has the best chance for upset here but I guess we'll see tomorrow.

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