Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Training Room

I took a big hit on my first catch of the game. It was a pass play, but I was initially left in blocking on the right side of the formation. No one was open early as the play started to break down. I moved out into the flat and Jason started to scramble toward me. As he threw the ball I felt like I was left by myself. Little did I know the corner was quickly making his way toward me while the ball was in the air. Before I knew it I was on the ground thinking where did that guy come from.

It took me about two plays off while I dry heaved on the sideline to make it back to the game. Really what it ended up being was a massive charlie horse in the side of the leg. The bad thing about these little injurys is they hurt like hell the next day. My buddy Larry thought the plunger technique was first in line for the healing process. We also tried a little "cupping" as well as some massage. Let me just say this, our training staff takes care of business, they're the best!

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