Monday, September 8, 2008

Fantasy Update

Last Thursday's loss was a very tough one for me to deal with. After thinking about it and watching the film, I am ready to move on and start preparing for the Saints. I am confident that we will bounce back and come ready to play on Sunday against a great opponent that is 1-0. These next two home games can and will define this team. Becasue if we can come out and get a couple of wins before heading to Philly and Dallas, we will be in great shape.

Now as for our fantasy football league here is what happened over the weekend. Even though I am losing to Colt's MENEHUNE I still have AP and Berrnard Berrian who I am hoping can muster up enought to win this week. What a move it was for me to sit Fast Willie Parker! The high scorer as you can see was Jason (even though I managed to score him zero points this week). The surprising low of the week, Fred Smoot, 14 points. I don't even know how that happens but it did.

MENEHUNE 46 - Cooley's Zornado 39
Team Red Snapper 70 - Better Halves 55
Lionel Richie Boys 92 - Cavemen 47
Hurricanes 36 - Bulldozers 46
chocolate assassins 52 - DC Lumber Co 14

So everyone out there with Adrian Peterson on their team, pray for him to stay healthy and score a TD or 2 or 3 cause I want to win at something this week, even if it is Fantasy Football.

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