Friday, September 5, 2008

TC: College Football GOW

Moving across the country does a lot to a person especially a college football fan. I mean, I am used to teams like Utah State, BYU, and Utah. I can easily list every team in the WAC, Mountain West, and Pac 10. But now, I have to totally adjust my life and my knowledge of college football to from the Aggies, Utes, and Cougars to the Terps, Hokies, and Mountaineers. Not that I am complaining about having 5 times the amount of teams within an afternoons driving distance but who do you cheer for?

After being let down by Va. Tech last week and struggling to stay awake in the Maryland/Delaware barn-burner, I’m not going to lie about how not excited I am for the matchups this Saturday. Richmond @ Virginia, Furman vs. Va. Tech, Maryland @ Middle Tennessee or ECU coming to get their asses beat by West Virginia. Now I don’t want to rag on anyone’s team here but I would rather watch a repeat of the Skins Giants from last night than any of those games.

This makes it tough to pick a winner to watch this week since obviously those others aren’t on the charts for game of the week. So…my “east coast” team of the week to watch is going to be Cincinnati. They beat down Eastern Kentucky last week and won 10 games last year leading me to believe they are a legit team to watch. Plus with QB Dustin Grutza having a 200 rating I get the feeling that they can compete against the 4th ranked Sooners this weekend.

So get your cooler out and put your game gear on cause instead of watching #15 BYU play Washington State or my alma mater square up against the #18 Ducks, I will be watching the Bearcats and Sooners in the battle of the…well hopefully it will be a battle cause this is my pick for college game of the week.

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