Monday, August 11, 2008

TC: First Home Game

The Bills game yesterday marked the start of what I think will be my best season ever as a fan. I mean the number of professional games that I have ever attended will double by December, so I am stoked to say the least. I am going to do my best at giving my post game recap for every game this year. Round 1…here we go.

At FedEx field they have quite the parking situation with their colors; yellow, purple, orange, and finally green. In my short-lived career as a fan I have parked in only one of these colors, yellow. But yesterday, having 12 people to account for, I got the luxury of scalping a green pass for $40 and hoofing it about a mile into the stadium. I must say that it was definitely an experience that any real fan can appreciate. The jerseys, tailgating, beer, and, of course, an occasional Dallas Sucks chant for the Redskins faithful. This walk is something that before the game is unbeatable, but after the game, almost unbearable.

Yesterday we had a few first timers with us and once inside we made the mandatory stop at the Hall of Fame Store. I love it in there but they need to start selling some more Cooley gear. Come on! From there it was time to hit the concessions (note to self: bring food next time. Can’t afford $10 per item for dollar menu food). After making it to our seats with a full stomach it was photo time. I made my way down to the dream seats and caught a bit of the warm up. I am thinking that after 8 home games these pics will get old so please let me know what you want to see from inside the stadium and I will do my best to get it (I did get some good Cooley fan shots as you can see in the slide show). I'm looking forward to some crazy ideas!

I have to say I am very impressed with the new intro of the starters. I hope that this is something that continues in the future. But after that my only two highlights came in the 3rd quarter. The first, a girl sitting behind me actually thought she started the wave and screamed, “Go! Yes! Look! IT’S GOING AROUND THE WHOLE THING!” the entire time the crowd was doing the wave. So ya, that was some pretty funny shit. The second was when a dumb ass T.O. fan got chanted into taking off his ugly blue jersey to “DALLAS SUCKS!” by nearly the entire crowd. Awesome! Absolutely awesome.

After attending my first preseason game ever I must say, I can’t wait for the real thing. I knew it wouldn’t be intense like a real game but I found myself doing more people watching than football watching once our starters came out. But I am definitely not complaining, football is in the air.

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