Sunday, August 24, 2008

Panthers 47 - Redskins 3 : (

The Carolina week began as our first "real" game preparation after an overextended training camp stay. We are still in the middle of what compares to a 1985 preseason. Our starters knew they were out after just a half of football. The win/loss record as well as any of the stats from the game will quickly be forgotten. Steve Smith and the Carolina running backs are just awesome. We could blame the line, we could blame the defense, hell, we could.... Wait, forget all that shit! We played fuc**** terrible. It was like we brought out our JV team to play the state championship. 47-3! I just don't think any excuse is going to cut it this week.

Hail to the Panthers! Nothing to say other than they kicked our asses all over the field. The 10 year old girl who sang the National Anthem could have taken my place in the post game interviews to explain how bad the Redskins looked. For that matter, she could have gotten some of her friends together and put on the Burgundies.

I understand that we are still in the preseason, but being embarrassed in the NFL blows. Julius Peppers and company unleashed a torrent of speed and power on our offense and left us to wrestle with no apparent answer. I can't speak for our D, but if I could I'm sure there wouldn't be much to say. By the end of the first quarter I joined a team of stooped shoulders and dull eyes watching for the relief of halftime.

Of course much concern will invade the Redskins after this week, but hopefully there is compensation in our trial. A confident 3-0 team has been humbled with more than enough time to inventory our problems. It seems unlikely, but everyone has something to learn from a loss like the one we just took. We will also have a new motivation to improve as a team.

Tomorrow's sunrise marks the 11th day left in preparation for the Super Bowl champs. There is no question in my mind whether or not this team will show up to Redskins Park ready to work. Keeping in mind that we still play Jacksonville, we will be ready for a Thursday night showdown in New York. This loss will do nothing inside the locker room besides renew vigor - and for the first time in the past couple weeks I can't wait to get back to practice.

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