Wednesday, August 6, 2008

More 20 questions

One of the 20 questions was a celebrity offense. I looked no further than Clinton Portis to field this question. I think the pictures speak for themselves.

QB - Uncle Rico
FB - Mr. T. (Actually looks like our current fullback)
RB - Kung Fu Joe (Clinton choose him to fill his shoes)
TE - The Joker
WR - Forest Gump
WR - Sam Rockwell (Actually his character in The Green Mile)
T - Dewey Cox
G - Shrek
C - Rambo
G - The Terminator
T - Hightower (From Police Academy and did play in the NFL)

I know two of the pictures are missing and the one's I have are all over the place, but it's hard as hell getting these to move around on my little CPU screen. Accept it. Also, I will continue answering more of the questions. We still have a bunch of great one's and I need to take a turn.

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