Sunday, July 20, 2008

Practice x2 on Day 2

Two-a-days are the opposite of fun. This morning was alright, the fans were actually great and made practice a little more fun than normal. We have nicknamed our favorite heckler of the day "Yes Sir Man" and if anyone was at Redskins Park this morning they will know exactly who Yes Sir Man was. For those who weren't at practice, Yes Sir was granted his nickname because of his abundant use of the phrase of "Yes Sir." Obviously, but he did have quite a few other gems for the Redskin players. The main victim of Yes Sir was Jason Fabini. He varied his comments from, "This is your 11th year, stop playing like it's your fourth." To plain mean "It looks like you didn't do anything this offseason, hit the weight room." Needless to say Fabini didn't get any "Yes Sirs" or "I see you's." If anyone comes to practice tomorrow or any day for that matter, feel free to heckle Jason Fabini as much as you'd like.

Another thing I realized is that I can do anything at training camp and get cheers. I even dropped a ball or two and got nothing but encouragement. I'm pretty sure I also set a team high of yes sirs for the day. I'm thinking about coming out to practice in one of those elephant thongs with the trunk as the package holder. I'm sure widespread applause would ensue. (Sarcasm) Since this isn't in my real tone of voice I come to realize that some people don't pick up on blogger sarcasm very well, so I was just kidding. I actually would like to come up with something elaborate, but the new Zorn regime requires only Redskin issued gear and alterations are not in favor. I thought and I think the general feeling of the team was excitement for a fast start to camp. It was a sharp and relatively quick practice. We watched the film and had a limited amount of errors. Definitely something to build on. On to the afternoon practice.

This is the part of the day where the question always gets asked, "Are we really going to do this again?" We basically practiced like that. It really wasn't that hot, it didn't last as long as the morning, but we lacked quite a bit of focus. Instead of something to build on I felt like it was something that needs worked on. (Skinscast interview)

Other than practice we had a couple injuries that were shitty. Phillip Daniels tore his ACL and Alex Buzbee tore his achilles. They are both done for the year. Getting hurt on the first day sucks. Guys work so hard all offseason to get ready and it basically becomes a waste of their time.
Got back to the place around 6. Meeting from 6:30 to 9:30. Not fun. Enough said. Finally I apologize for any grammatical errors, I'm kinda tired.

Photo credits go to Brian Murphy and as always they have the best stuff. For more check out this link.

Noteable: We traded a second round pick next year and a sixth the year after for Jason Taylor. I'm sure everyone knows this, but it's cool were getting a great player. I'm excited to have him.

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