Monday, May 26, 2008

TC: The Best Man's take on the Cooley wedding

Some wedding week events were: lots of family fun, bachelor/bachelorette parties, golf for the guys (lots of golf ), girl stuff for the girls, the rehearsal dinner, and finally the wedding story blog (we honestly loved that people read the post). With that said, on to the big day.

When a wedding starts at 4 pm, how do you fill the rest of your day? I picture the bride's day like this: wake up, get a manicure and a pedicure, have your hair done, do your makeup, and hide from the groom. I do know that the groom's day went as follows: picked up tuxes, packed for the honeymoon, paced around, watched groomsmen play guitar hero, paced around, backyard football, and finally driving to the place after some pacing around. The rest of the day seemed like an incredible blur of events.

Here are some highlights:

  • The Reverend decided to kick things off a little behind schedule and almost had to meet with some groomsmen in the back room.
  • The wedding planner now needs high blood pressure medication.
  • People took pictures like free ipod nanos.
  • We ate dinner ala banquet style only better food.
  • There was the cake cut, garter pull, best man speech, and dancing til the lights turned on.
  • After party Karaoke (minus newlyweds)

And now, while we all go back to real life, the happy couple is honeymooning their lives away. I want to say contgrats to both of them. I know they will live a wonderful life together. Special thanks to everyone who helped out with the wedding. It was amazing!

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Congrats kids!! Hope you're having a great time in the Bahamas. The pics look great....thanks Tannerrr :)


I wish you many happy years.


Congratz u guyz!!!!! Hope ur havin fun on ur honeymoOn! The wedding loOkz lyke it was a wonderful time!

Can't wait 4 FoOtball Season!!!!

Congrats, C2. I wish you and your bride a lifetime of happiness and may God bless your marriage. JJ

congrats u 2! chris hope you get another ring this year, with XLIII on it.

May your troubles be less, And your blessings be more And nothing but happiness come through your door.

White and pink!! You sexy beast!

Best Wishes Cooleys!!

grats man, best wishes to you both

Congratulations! Did any of your football friends attend?

Congrats you two! I wish you both health and happiness forever!


Are you gonna grow the fro back now that you're done with the wedding?

Congrats!!! I got 2 meet Chris last year in Cody Wyoming over the 4th of July! Damn he was big & a hell of a nice guy... U go Christy... Wish u both the best...

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