Tuesday, May 6, 2008

In other news

Sorry that this is going to be another quick one. As I mentioned yesterday, I was a guest on Blog Show, enjoy.

Also, in case you missed the call in on EITM here is the clip. Please check out The Cooley Zone over on Shutdown Corner. I am having a blast writing those posts so I hope you enjoy reading them. We also got some new replithentic jerseys for sale in our store. There are only 50 and I will write anything you want on them.

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I am sure you're trip with bill into that bathroom stall was not the first or the last of its kind at the Borgata. That story was funny as all hell yo.

I have one similarly disturbing. I went to a Doctor when I was 18 to get an STD check (didn't have anything). They make you drop trow, look at everything and poke around and talk about your junk and stuff, and stick a q-tip up the hole (OUCH!), that was not the weird part. The weird part was the doctor asking me as his face is about 5 inches from my crotch "So, you jewish?"

Awesome blog over there on Shutdown Corner. Loved your appearance on Blog Show yesterday too.

Dude, speaking of uncomfortable junk-examining:

Like Alex (^ up there), I went in to the doctor for a physical (not an STD test, hahaha). I was fully expecting the doctor to ask me to drop the pants so he could take a look around. He's always real professional about it. But that day he happened to have a hot young female doctor in training following him around. Yeah... strange feeling dropping the pants in front of a girl (about my age) so that she can just have a nice objective look at the situation.

nice stuff, I love the Flava Flav clock.

and I don't care to tell you anything about my private parts being looked at, sorry.

Chris, another great entry over at Yahoo. And not just "hey, the meathead can write!" but damn, you can REALLY write.

Good stuff, keep it coming!

Any chance of getting your signature when you come up to play the Eagles this year? Mail me at my username at gmail dot com if we can do something.

Cooley - I don't know if you ever read these comments...... So Jeff told me your are a blogger now. He also told me I am on your website blocking some DB in the Bear River game our senior year (bastards that cheated and beat us on the last play).

Anyway keep up the good work on the blog, i'll give you a call sometime.



Yes! Giving rookies all this guarenteed money is 'insane in the membrane'. How do you give an unproven kid $10 million? Before you know it, he'll be downing 21 shots with you and doing beer bongs with Leinart in the desert!

Speaking of 21 shots, now were these 'Frank the Tank' shots or 'Brokeback Mountain' shots. I don't want to read blogs about you doing watermelon shots, you hear me, CC?

It's very nice to see an NFL player that can relate to the everyday NFL fan. Your writing is very insightful and has made me a true fan (I was already a fan because you're my tight end on my dynasty league team). Keep up the good work and congrats on the wedding. I'll link your site to the one I work for that covers fantasy football.

hey chris just wanted to say thanx for the blog. and to say i agree with you completly on on the rookies getting over paid.

and i was wondering if you would write a blog on the diffrences between gibbs and zorn are? that you have seen so far. since most of us don't really know any thing about him.

thanx for the good work agian

Hey Chris,

Great piss post. Only thing I have to chip in is, if you think being an NFL urine collector is bad, try doing it for a city government.

When I was on probation I had to piss once a week for several months and then once every two weeks for a few more, then once a month for a few more.

Now, me, I'm an average white dude, 5'10" 180, not horrible looking and I'm comfy with my junk so I'd often chat it up with the dudes in white coats while in the bathroom. (Good lord I hope my mom doesn't read that sentence)

But when you are in the first floor of DC's police headquarters collection unit you can imagine there is some riffraff present and probably some not too pleasant experiences for the pros who are trying to do those jobs. Think you've got a good idea of how bad that sucks? Now picture the poor women who have to get in there and watch the 300 lb nastys pee in their cups!


Jim Rome was reading your column on his TV show. So now you're REALLY famous.

Joe in Raleigh.

How many dramatic pauses did Rome add in?


Cool blog Cools, mine is profootballupdate.com


Great blog guys! Love it! It's way better than mine and that's a MISTAKE!

Love, B

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