Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Boogaard vs. Slice

I wouldn't pick a fight with either Derek Boogaard or Kimbo Slice. But picture this: Derek (playing tight end) taking a late hit from Kimbo (linebacker) and the retaliation that would follow. Talk about NFL fight of the year. I feel it would be similar to some of the kicking, stomping, and helmet smashing that occurs in the video below.

To read more on the subject check out The Cooley Zone over on Shutdown Corner and tell us what you think.

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Chris Cooley doesn't fight people, he blinks, they die.

Whoa! Thanks for the video man!

When you're secure enough in your manhood to wear the white boy fro AND short-shorts, there is no need to fight...

Uh, why isn't Christy sitting on a Cooley jersey in the Maxim photo?

heard you on Rome today. Great interview. Thanks for the disturbing bathroom image.

I think Slice would kick his ass. Boogaard may be like 6'8 280 but he's not a very good fighter, atleast not on ice. And then, Kimbo's Kimbo. Nothing needs to be said about him.

If Kimbo Slice were to make a soft drink, it obviosly would be called "Kimbo Slice". The ingredients would be pure testosterone, steroids, viagra, and Kimbo's sweat. Would it be offered in diet? F*** NO!

Hey, here's a video of Kimbo actually hitting a guy going across the middle. Not sure if it was worth the $100 though

Congrats, Chris! It is rare in life that we truly find the one that is the shining beacon in our live, and it definitely sounds like you found her. Enjoy your life with her, do not let anyone or anything come between you!


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