Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Thank You

Hey everyone, I am going to make this quick because I have to get ready to fly home today. The response to our site has been amazing. Thank you for your comments. You guys are the real reason we are doing this. I think it will be awesome to be able to share some behind the scenes stuff with all of you. My flight doesn't get in until midnight tonight so be sure to check back tomorrow to see some pics and video of my trip. Thanks again.

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No no... thank you. This is a great way to reach your fans, and we appreciate it.

Fly safe.

Captain Chaos is the man. I can't believe you have your own blog. Hilarious.

Love your blog Captain Chaos!

the high school and college highlights to friggin cool!!!
tell the danny we need to draft jordy nelson, he can be general disaray, HAHAHAHA
anyway the guy would open things up for you.
Awesome site, beau

Chris -- love the idea. this is a great way to reach out to Joe 'Skins Fan.

Far as I can tell, you've been probably the most accessible sports star around DC in a long time. Did I hear you played in the snowball tournament last weekend?

Kickass blog. You and Arenas should team up.

We all worship you, by the way.

I'm so glad you have your own blog! I think you're fab! And I agree with what someone else said... you're the most accessible of the players, and it's so neat you have a blog.

Definitely going on my Google Reader and blogroll.

Liz, the Skins Fan

This is awesome. You are probably, at this point, the most popular player on the team. I was directed to your site from Jason LaConfora's blog on I'll spread the word. I'm sure plenty of fans are going to enjoy the site. Its going up on my favorites today. Thanks and have a good offseason.

Go Redskins

This is awesome. You are probably, at this point, the most popular player on the team. I was directed to your site from Jason LaConfora's blog on I'll spread the word. I'm sure plenty of fans are going to enjoy the site. Its going up on my favorites today. Thanks and have a good offseason.

Go Redskins

Great site.

Kudos to your and your brother on setting this up. to Jordy Nelson whomever said that before...

Cc, thanks for the blog. Just a quik look this am and I'm liking what I see. Recommended by Jason LaConfora, Redskin Insider. (give him a little luv)

I love the way you play the game. Hope you can remain in the redskin family for a long long time. I got sucked in - in 1968, as a fan of course. So now you know you got an old gizer posting to your site.

I will make this a fav and visit often.

So excited you are going this... thank you! I am sure its going to be a great read this season.

I totally just jo'd to the chick in tim's picture. *put my thumb over the guys face.


site looks great. Don't burnout (on the field or the blog)! Pace yourself with regular updates and it'll be a hit!
Here's to a long career in DC - on the field and off.

Chris, Man.... This couldn't have come at a better time! I am terribly bored right now, not warm enough to hang out by the beach yet and NOTHING going on to hold me over till draft weekend except March Madness..(my bracket was done a long time ago).

Thanks for doing this.

Can't wait to hear what you have to say during the Draft.... I hope you are all over this that weekend.

Chris, I was also directed here by Jason LaCanfora's blog. It's great that you are doing this man. Beware the blog burnout - short, quick posts are better than long ones and make it easier to do more frequently.

Adding your blog to my RSS reader now. Kudos for putting this together man! I'm looking forward to reading it.

Dieing to know how it felt to be standing in the batters box.

Hey, you're to valuable to stand that close to 90 mph fastballs. What were you thinking?


Jasno LaCanfora sent me.

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I appreciate you reaching out to the fans to give us an inside look at what you all do on a daily. Also, just to see what you do outside of football and get to know you as a person. Blogging is the way to go nowdays because everyone is doing it! Until next time...COOOOOOOOOOOOOOLEY!!!

Captain Chaos, I'm gald to join the refrain for your very cool blog. You're my guy on offense - my favorite player. I'll enjoy following your exploits, both on and off the field. HTTR!

Very sweet site. It was cool meeting you at the Raspberry sleet/snow tournament a couple weekends ago. Sorry about my boy not understanding the rules to rock,paper,scissors for the Foot Joys! Who knew Suishams could hit a golf ball that far? Then use that to get his wife golf shoes. Ha, smartest guy in the room.... I guess.

Thanks for the site. Long live Capt Chaos!!Congrats on the upcoming nuptials

Hey Chris,

Love the idea here of you blogging. I know it'll be real, interesting and I'm sure funny at times as well. Watched the Utah State highlights and remember watching you a bit in the WAC. I live and work in Reno, NV so I've grown up watching UNR play and watching WAC sports. Loved it when you became a Skin and when you extended your contract last year just solidified your standing as my favorite player (Cooley says, whopedeedoo!).

Have a save flight bro!

I grew up a Redskins fan in the 1980s. During that time I had many favorite Redskins: Riggins, Monk, Clark, Green, Mann, Manley, Didier, Warren, The Hogs, The Smurfs, The Fun Bunch... the list goes on.
I stuck by the Redskins during the 'low' period (1993 thru 2005), but during those years I never really had a favorite player to cheer for.
I'm so glad to see the Skins are now once again playoff regulars... and I'm even happier to have a favorite player: Captain Chaos.
Keep running hard and focus on every catch. We love you!

yo man remember when I met you at Pei Wei, that was awesome. We should do that again sometime, because that was da bomb. peace out brotha man j-unit aka da bomb aka you already know who it is aka james

I heard about this on WPL by David Wise and had to check it out. Very Cooley. Thanks for this. I'll be a regular.

"C Squared"
You're the man. Is there anything else to say? You're way better than Jason Witten or Shockey. Keep up the good work. Hope the west coast offense gets you even better stats and the team even more wins.

This MAKES MY WORLD! Thanks Jasno for directing me to this site. You're my favorite player on my beloved Skins, Cap'n. I even bought my 4 year old daughter a 47 Jersey to match mine. Congrats on Pro Bowl and upcoming nuptials, look forward to visiting this blog often!

WHAT UP CHAOS!! This is fantastic and very much apppreciated. I'm a huge skins fan currently living in NYC and can't wait for you guys to come back to GIANTS stadium and stick it to them like you did last year. I was there then and will be there again slappin seats and GIANTS fans' faces. Thanks for the blog it means everything to us bored behind desks!!

RIP 21


Mister Cooley,
Do you prefer to kick ass and then take names, or take names and then proceed to kick ass? Oh and at what point does the chewing of bubble-gum come into play?

Great to see this, Mr. Cooley. Looks well done, straightforward, and informative. And man, congrats on the marriage! Thanks for all your work and Go Skins!!!

Thanks CC. We appreicate everything you do on and off the field. Your a class act and we thank you for it. Also its great to hear you EITM. Your honest and tell it like it is. If you don't mind Im going to add a cool music link of my own...
and myspace of course...

Thanks Chris and take care.

Thanks YOU Chris! This is awsome....

Is it just me did the view count in here rise 18,000 people in a day?

I really appreciate the extra effort you put in for us fans. This site is gonna be awesome. It'll be nice to hear what you think without the filter of some newspaper columnist.

I will be very interested to see how this blog develops. Right now its going through a shiny new faze. No real commentary but a lot of warm welcomes. I will enjoy it when we can get some more discussion out of it, and some of the homer'ism goes away.

yo chris, i played college baseball and am a huge skins fan from jersey. can u please let us know how you did at the padres BP. you got any skills on the diamond or what? also, i have a dog named Santana. was hoping to get another one and name it cooley. no good on the second dog, but got a looney baby rabbit for my wife for her birthday april 4th. trying to convince her to name it cooley. so you might have to settle for having a bunny named after you!!!

cooley, love the new blog spot man. got the info from my man jason from the washingtonpost. love the way you play man and your attitude toward the game. your a fan favorite and remind me a little big like riggins was to the fans and the team. pumped for this season man!

Jasno from the RI blog sent me (and probably a million other skins fans) over here. I'm lovin the blog spot. Pretty cool of you to be "that guy" that reaches out to the fans. It is pretty hard to connect anymore seeing as now I am out in the sticks of Ohio. But I will still manage to get back for a game or two this year. Looking forward to Canton too. Can't wait to see you guys there!

So is this sight Burgundy and Gold or Maroon and Black?

Thank you for setting up this blog!!! I think this is really cool that i can say something to you! keep up the great work!!! u and the other skins have a good offseason!!!! luv u--k the redskins fan 4 life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris, awesome post on the splatter of pus on Yoder's chin and face. I too wish the core would have popped him. The only thing better would have been if it was Snyder's face.

Some how I don't see Snyder taking that with any levity. I would like to see anyone try that with their boss.

Good player, good blog. HAIL!

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