Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Professional Open

I thought the highlight of my trip to San Diego would be playing in the Professional Open. Little did I know that I was going to get into the best pre-round competition of my life. Immediately after arriving at Torre Pines I was carted off into depths of the course. Where to you ask? To meet up with Sterling Sharp, Marshall Faulk, Drew Brees, Ladainian Tomlinson and members of NFL network to compete in a special "Closest to the Pin" competition. The stakes - winner gets to hit batting practice with the San Diego Padres at their game tomorrow Apr. 1. Since I didn't have my own clubs (still in the car, and I had to borrow Sterling's) my hopes weren't too high on winning this event. But what the hell. My shot, five feet from the flag. I won! Oh and by the way, we played some golf later that day too.

Following the tournament I had a conversation with Dan Steinberg about this whole blogging thing that we are putting together. For those of you who don't know who Dan is, he writes the D.C. Sports Bog for the Washington Post. He is going to give us a plug here pretty soon so make sure to check it out. I will link it to our site as soon as it gets posted. The story should be pretty good, maybe gross to some but WTF.

Well besides checking in tomorrow to see how many bombs I dropped at PETCO Park (who knows, maybe I'll be the next Billy Crystal) be sure to check out Dan's blog.

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This is a great website/blog site. I hope Chris will keep it up to date. God knows Redskins fans need something football-related to read during the off-season.

HTTR and to Captain Chaos too!

Chris, Nice job on the golf shot. Hope we can play this summer. How about some pics of the golfing or the baseball

welcome to the infernetz, chris!

Dude, I wish it were warmer here, so I could totally flub the same golf shot!!!


Do you still have the pineapple?

Hey Chris! Great to see you got a blog. Hope you have a huge season this year! Go SKINS!

Awsome site Chris.

Nice shot!


Great to see you with a blog. I think I speak for all Redskins fans when I say that this definitely makes us feel closer with the players. Update it regularly as we will all be regular readers.

One thing we'd always like to hear about are player thoughts on how things are going with the Skins. I don't know how open/critical players can be but we'd always love to hear thoughts on the team as a whole.

Any way you can get Clinton to start one too and name it after one of his alter egos? Talk about a dynamic duo...

Captain Chaos and Jerone from Southeast DC.

We love you Chris!

i hope we see plenty of more short shorts pics in the months to come. CC for evaaaaaaa!

Love the blog Chris! Keep up the good work. Myself and all the Redskins Insider bloggers love ya! Good luck with the bp. Cooooooooooley!

Awesome stuff, Chris. Good luck with the golf!


Nice blog. Props to JLC for pimpin' it at redskins insider.

It's good to see a site like this one. Keep up the great work and Go Skins!!! I think we'd all like to see a behind the scenes perspective on how this coaching staff does things differently than Joe Gibbs 2.0.

I agree with everyone CC, you have yourself a fan for life here, the 70th aniv. throwback skins jersey with No 47. was the first players jersey I ever got. I wear it 16 Sundays a year consecutively other than a bye week... or if its laundry day.


Seriously Cooley man, enjoy watching you play.

Also wanting to thank you for all of your receptions, td's and yardage as you are one of the pimpest TE's in my Dynasty League. PPR - come man, 80 balls next year - Hook it!

"The Original Bong Super Funk Regulator"
"Smurf Dog"

sweet site Chris. I'll be on it often. Im pumped for you this year. Hopefully Coach Zorn takes the handcuffs off Jason and ur true talent comes to the forefront. You hoping for a big wideout in the draft or u thinking D?


I hope that you are able to respond to our comments from time to time chris. Nothing we skins fans like more than a guys guy.

I'm gonna have to echo the sentiments of my fellow bloggers here and say how cool it is that you created a site like this. i have a feeling the traffic's gonna increase bigtime thanks to La Canfora's plug on the Redskins Insider(why i'm here), and this should be alot of fun.
by the way, sounds like you're a pretty good golfer too. unless that 5-footer was just a shot in the dark? nah, couldn't be. keep up the good work!!

I have no new spot to get some info now. Great site and blog Chris. I will check back here quite often. Nice pics too!

hey Chris,

Great Site... keep em coming

I love this man. Congrats on the closest shot to the pin! Chris Cooley is the best TE in the league!

RI Nation loves our Skins'.
Thanks Jason!

Capt. Chaos your the man.

Maybe they'll let the Hoff throw you a few.

My bro played in the same tourney at Rasberry ( falls or something ) w/ you Suish & Boschetti and said you guys were 1st class. I hope you took it ez on my 'Stros in BP!

hey chris-- nice site! i was sent over by jason la canfora at the redskins insider, where we love us some C.C.

i could live without the shorts from training camp, but you're en route to being the most productive TE in Skins history-- can't wait to keep watching (except for the shorts)!

Man, Cooley is really putting some effort into this thing. Watch out Gilbert Arenas!

Great site, Chris. Keep up the great work on and off the field! Go Skins!

very cool to see your blog! As the coolest player on the skins team, its nice to see whats going on. Keep it up Captain Chaos!

Just so you know, I personally have you in the training camp shorts as my screensaver.

Thanks for blogging, Chris. Looking forward to it.

Love the highlights video....don't mean to be a broken record, but awesome site.

Can't wait to see your thoughts and reflections throughout the year, we can only get some much from ESPN news...

HEY this site is legit...good work.

Hey Chris,
What hole was it? I'll bet it was that short downhill par 3 that looks out over the ocean.
As long as your here in San Diego, you gotta make an appearance at Winson's in Ocean Beach. It's only about 15 minutes from Torrey Pines, but you probably already know that because you are listed as one of their friends on myspace
You should stop in sing Hail to the Redskins with us then have the shot that we drink every time you score a touchdown.
See you there.

Thank you so much for creating this blog! Redskins fans really appreciate how you interact with your fans! Will you post some pictures from the golf tournament? I'd love to see with with you and LT!

You should come visit all your fans in Richmond, VA sometime soon!!

Chris, I am just so freaking excited about your website and blog! As a lifelong Skins fan I must say you are by far my all-time favorite Redskin (right up there w/Riggo! ;) Please keep us updated on your exciting life as well as your recent breakup w/Dale Earnhardt Jr. HA!) Can't wait to cheer you guys on in the fall! Best wishes on your impending nuptuals! Much love! GO SKINS!!!

Chris - surfing on ebay, this link was a "sponsored link" -


Thought you may get a kick out of it!

Go Skins!

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