Thursday, April 3, 2008

San Diego. Drink it in, it always goes down smooth.

I'll start everyone off with day two in San Diego. This officially became the longest day of the off season. Phone is barking at me for what seems like an hour, 5:45 came so much earlier than I would have expected after CC and 7's until 2. Kozlowski is relentless with his wake up calls and I'm forced to the driving range by 6. Hitting balls would have been a better decision than getting into an argument with Trent Difler about my slippers, an argument that ended in me telling him my slippers would be great for kicking his ass.

Torrey Pines proved to be a completely unforgiving golf course as I got off to a footballesque score of 10 strokes over par after three holes. I think my caddy thought I would break every club in my bag and I probably would have under different circumstances. After 5 hours of golf I was carted back to the club house where the display board proudly flaunted my 99.

Unable to sulk around about my golf, time was cut almost too short to grab a quick chicken sandwich and head off to PETCO Park. Hopes were again high, but this time it was for at least one batting practice home run. Within the next hour I found myself sitting in Greg Maddox's locker. Daydreaming about all the backyard baseball played with my brother pretending to pitch just like him. Before heading out to the field I waited for Maddox to head into the bathroom before stealing, I mean borrowing one of his bats out of his locker. No way could professional athletes ever keep a true inventory of issued equipment.

One home run was the only thing I had hoped to accomplish, but warning track power was the only thing that came out of my at bats. I had to give a lot of credit to how hard baseball players can hit the ball as I headed out of PETCO. To tell the truth, 3 days later my hands are still pretty sore from the wooden bats while I'm typing this.

Baseball ended and the group headed straight to the children's hospital. I felt like this was the most rewarding experience of the entire trip. About ten of the players spent 2 hours hanging out with many of the great kids and their unbelievable families. Drew Brees through his charity gave over a hundred gift bags, all stuffed with PSP's, games for everyone, as well as DVD's they could watch. To see kids and families smile and cry with so much excitement and hope made my whole weekend.

The day continued on an Advocare bus back to PETCO Park as we watched the Padres and Astros play an outstanding game. Not a lot of hr's but some great pitching.

Sheets and pillows had never felt better when after we finally got back into the room. But I knew it was a day I would remember for a long time.

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"Hitting balls would have been a better decision than getting into an argument with Trent Difler about my slippers, an argument that ended in me telling him my slippers would be great for kicking his ass."


Please do this and provide pictures next time. Great post!

How did Duke do in the cage? I'm thinking he can put a little bit more weight behind the ball.

Wow dude. You came right out the box swinging. Keep up the good work.

Chris! You are the man!
Kicking ass and taking names.

Props to J La and all Redskins Insider nation for dropping Chris's blog site around and about the web.

Hail Skins!

Are you serious about Trent Dilfer?? Thats too funny dude. Your a good man for going to the hospital, that meant the world to those kids. Any Skins fans there?

chris, this is phenomenal please keep it up.

i'm drinking nothing but CC and 7s from now on...

Great post, but just because it is a Polo shirt doesn't mean you can wear it on the golf course, especially Torrey Pines... Did your caddy give you any crap?? 99 still isn't bad on that course, how did BK do?

Taking Maddox's bat??? That was your first mistake and probably why you only had warning track

Sounds like you had a good day, after a fun/rough night. Wait to you get older, your drink more and feel worse. You young guys can by on little sleep and heavy boozing.

I agree, a 99 at Torrey Pines would be respectable to most people.

The charity work sounds great, glad you guys did this for those folks.

On to another subject, do you read these posts/comments?

A couple questions if you don't mind.

1)What are your offseason goals for improvement?

2) Have you seen Zorn's playbook, how will the offense look next year based on your first impression?

3) Does Chris Samuels really eat two large pizzas per setting? How many toppings?

4) Are you living in D.C. year round or comuting back and forth during the off-season?

5) Whats your handicap?

rando post.


Man, Torrey Pines... That must really plow the old Powell Golf Club just right out of the water! And a 99 isn't so bad...

Let me and Brillo know when you are going to be around to blast a few off the tee box in P-town... we'll be ready!!!



Just had a facial with Judy, I cannot believe you missed out. Next time you are in SD make some time to see Judy, she is the best.

Warning track power is not bad. I would recommend a batting glove next time though. May make the hands less sore two days later.

Chris, it was an honor to hear that you went to Children’s Hospital, and I am sure that it meant the world to those children and the parents, for one day not to think about their own child being ill. Do you volunteer your time or services around town? If so, what? I have been your biggest fan for the past 4 years, you have definitely come a long way with your skills, keep up the great work for the upcoming season. Love ya 47.

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