Friday, April 4, 2008

The core of man's spirit is through new experiences

I found this quote today in my sketch book and loved it. The quote was from the movie "Into the Wild." I guess it's the quote of the day and this blog is definately a new experience for me. Haha.
Some questions have been asked through the blog about if the posts are getting read or not. I've read and appreciate every response and would like to encourage as many as possible. I would love to read as many questions as everyone would like to ask, whether it be about my movie quote or football or my life. I will pick my 20 favorite questions through the next three days and respond to them. Please direct all the questions to this post. All the fans have been amazing to me and I feel like this is a great way to interact with everyone. I will try to continue to do more Q and A's in the future. Thanks to everyone for checking out the site.

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Football Question - Who is the toughest person that has defended you in the NFL?

Non-football question - when are you going to get a 360???

General question - Since 'name that tune' is one of your favorite games to play, if there WAS a 'name that tune' game show, would you rather go on that or 'Deal or No Deal'? And Why?


Last year at a certain event I asked you why the Skins where going after Lance Briggs? Your response was you had no idea becasue Rocky was a beast. Put your GM hat on (maybe you should be) and tell me who the breakout player will be. Scott Frost will not be accepted as an official answer. Thanks!

Hi Chris,

I had the opportunity to meet you and get a picture taken with you during your rookie training camp. How can I get you to please sign it for me? Next I'd like to thank you for playing the game the way it should be played. I became a fan of yours because of how you treated me when I first met you. I have become an even bigger fan of yours because of the way you behave on and off the field. I wear the #47 every game!
Thanks! Terry

Typical question for any athlete - If you weren't playing football, what other sport would you be playing or what profession would you be?


Football question -

What is your favorite play?

- Dave

Enough of these football questions.... let's get down to business..

Your favorite comedy film of all time...?

When did you know that you were awesome at drawing naked women?

Do you currently have an official Captain Chaos logo... and if not.. mind if I take a stab at it?

If you could switch positions with any other player on the team, who would it be?

Very cool to find this quote on your blog as I just watched "Into the Wild" earlier today. I enjoyed your 'For Love or The Game' video - it reminded me of that scene from "Diner". I'm enjoying your blog. Can't wait for football to start up again. HTTR!

What is the best prank that you have seen played on a teammate?

What's up Chris,
I know you can't even answer this but I'm asking it anyway. How much do you hate playing at FedEx? It's like an hour and a half drive from Redskins Park and it's in the middle of nowhere, plus it has no character. Oooh do I miss the days of RFK, that place was a hole but it was 10x louder than FedEx and it had a presence FedEx lacks big time. Is there anyway you can convince "The Danny" to build a new stadium on RFK's site? You know it would pump up the players driving through D.C. and seeing all the monuments giving you even more inspiration before a game.

hey chris you rock. heres a question for ya: do you still wrestle at all? I saw some old highschool footage of you as a wrestler, and was wondering if you still do any of it. Being a highschool wrestler and football player myself, I was just wondering. Thanks for doing the blog, its great!


I'm a big fan, but live in philly. How can I get you to sign my jersey?

Also, how do you and Sellers benefit from the new West Coast stuff they're runnin'?

OK Chris, here's one for you: What is the funniest prank that's been played on someone since you've been with the Skins?

Here's another one:

What kinds of "fun" do you have with the rookies? And are Jansen and Rabach as much fun in the locker room as the reporters hint at?

I have some Madden game questions:
If Chris Cooley the Artist could design his own team uniform (Ah La Madden or just hand drawn) what would it look like?

I have always wondered what it would be like getting a video game like that, seeing your name near the top of the list at your position like you must? Though Madden pissed me off to no end when you were listed as a FB.

Finally, and no pun intended here, what is it like when you play with yourself in a video game? I know if I put me in a football game I always throw to me, or hand off to me and just get ridiculous yards, does that end up happening to you?

And now my serious question. What do you think is your highest achievement so far?

-AZeese at gmail

Who would win in a tag team match between you and Christy versus Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson. Explain.

here's a non-football, Cache Valley question . . . what do you miss most about it and how often do you go back there? How would you describe it to the many who have never been there before? (that's 3 questions, I know - pick your favorite I guess) I'm from Smithfield, a Sky View grad (yes, your mom was my computer apps teacher my sophmore year and I also have mutual friends with your bro Tanner) I'm also a USU alum and loved watching you in college and now the pros. You and Kevin Curtis are definitely the brightest spots out of Aggie football in recent past. Anyway, keep up the good work and go Skins!


Non Football Question:
If I go on deal or no will you be one of the celebrity guests? (just kidding)

Seriously, If you had to give advice to someone younger than yourself about finding happiness in life, what would it be?

Keep up the great work! Awsome blog.

i've got two questions for you, capt. chaos...

1- You ever give surfing a try? Maybe when you're in VB for the Beach Blitz?

2- Heard you're a wrestler(back in high school). What was your favorite move or accomplishment?

I got another non-football question.

Favorite, Beer, wine and liquor (drink)?

Was splattering Yoder's face with pus when you popped the leg boil the nastiest prank you've pulled ?

1. How short are your shorts gonna be this year at training camp?

2. Do you have any pre-game ritual?

Chris...what made you dress up as "Johnny White Guy" during that 05 playoff run? I think that was the funniest thing how all of you dressed up with Clinton.

Another question...can you do the Crank that Soulja boy dance? LOL

Are you excited about new coach Jim Zorn coming to town to run the west coast offense? Whats your prediction for the Redskins win loss record from 08?

Hey Capn'- big Redskins girl fan here. (I go by AGibbsGirl on the "other" Redskins forum) My son met you once at a Briar Woods HS football game (Coach Pierce is a good friend of ours. I must say I was disappointed you did not come to Atlantic City on the bus this year, but the Probowl was sorta important right?)

Anyway, Just wanted to say that you were very kind to 3 young boys that night at the game and mine will never for get it (good for you pal!)He's played football since he was 6 (14 now) and your jersey is the only one he owns.
QUESTION: Do you do football camps for kids?

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This comment has been removed by the author.

First of all, on behalf of all Redskins fans, I'd like to thank you for resigning with the Redskins last year. I look forward to you, like #28, being a Redskin for your whole career. We are keeping a spot open in the Ring of Fame for you!!!

1) Among retired players, who is your all-time favorite Redskin? (a certain #84 wouldn't be a bad answer...)
2) Is there any part of your game that you would like to improve, if so, what?

you seem to be a fan of all sports, any chance we see you out with the barra-brava supporting your brethen DC United this year as they make the journey to a fifth cup?!

If you could be on any football team besides the Redskins, what team would you want to be on?

- A fan


Since the Redskins are playing in the Hall of Fame game (probably due to the double-Redskin induction this year), will you are any other Redskins players be in Canton for the ceremony, and if so will there be any autograph sessions?

"The core of man's spirit is through new experiences"

"The only thing that I know about music is what I learn tommorow"

-Keith Richards

Are you offended or honored that I named my dog after you?

Speaking of Into the Wild, what are your thoughts on Eddie Vedder's new album?

I'm glad you digg this blog as much as we do! The off season can be so boring........

Question: Will Capt. Chaos lead the team in receptions and reception touchdowns in 2008? If not, then who?


Mr. Cooley,
First, like many on here have already said, thank you for not only giving us this opportunity to get to know you better, but for being such a great player and honoring the game by the way you play it.

now for the question, as an extremely young highschool coach, and someone who is starting to save up for that ring and work up the nerve to pop the question, how hard is it to juggle your relationship with also being a professional football player? in other words, how do you make sure you never neglect the duties of being a good man to christy and still have the time to dedicate to being a professional athlete.

I heard you were a state champion wrestler in Utah. My son (215 lbs) will be a freshman wrestler at St. John's HS in DC this fall. Any chance you might want to stop by and roll around on the mat?

Redskins for Life.
In recent months of the passing of the ever loved Sean Taylor #21 is there anything that you can say that yall as a team do before or after a game to remember him? Any rituals or anything fun that is done in rememberence? I think its crazy how much the team has pulled together for each other and I love watching every game just the presence we have on the field is amazing and I wouldnt miss it for the world. So heres to ST, what my dad have been doing before the games is finding a picture online that we love with ST in it and framing them, so in the Redskins Bar that he owns in MD we have constructed a ST wall, I love it. So what do yall do if anything?

Cooley, get the book Into the Wild, and anything else by John Krakaur (spelling??). His book about Everest is amazing-- Into Thin Air.

Food question.

If you could only eat 1 meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Mine would be Blackened/Cajun Chicken Pasta.

OK, Chris... question:
Who, among your teammates, is the most grotesque figure in the locker room? And (assuming your answer), just what is the grossest thing about Casey Rabach?

Captain Chaos,
Did Ethan Albright really write that letter to Madden protesting his rating in the game? if so tell him to give snapping a rest and start doing stand up...I met your Dad in the bathroom at FedEx and have his autograph on my 47 jersey along side yours haha, thanks for the blog.

Oh, and one more question:

Does Ethan Albright REALLY call down the thunder?

When you played in your first NFL game.Where you scared?

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