Monday, April 14, 2008

Chris Cooley Workout Part 2

This lower body lift is a compliment to the running that you saw from the previous video. In the weight room we super setted power cleans with squats which means one set of cleans then one set of squats. I do 6 x 6 reps of each lift with a 3 minute rest in between. To me these are the most important lifts for a football player because they help make you a more explosive player.

The weights of all six sets are listed below.
Power Cleans:

  • 1. 225 2. 245 3. 265 4. 275 5. 285 6. 295

  • 1. 275 2. 315 3. 335 4. 365 5. 385 6. 405

A day in the weight room doing these exercises gives me the most "football related strength." The Redskins strength and conditioning staff does a great job of preparing the workouts for all of the players and with their help we are able to do what we do on the field.

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Radio or CD/ipod?

You gotta respect a man who still throws on some Live. I haven't heard them in a while, and now... I'm starting to think I need to find my Throwing Copper CD.

The squatting of an adolescent elephant was pretty impressive too.

Sick Mo Fo Chris. How many Skins are there for training?? 50%, 70% I know its not a 100%! Are guys going over plays yet? Are lobbying for a certain player in the draft? Keep it comming, great stuff buddy. I feel more apart of the team. And this is coming from a guy who has seen every game you've played at Fed Ex.

Good lord, man. That's some weight. I think 'bucktown skins fan' was about right with the "adolescent elephant" thing. But may I add that you power cleaned the equivalent of Mike Sellers, threw him down and said, "that was too easy." Get serious dude, that's crazy.

Chris Cooley once bench pressed a US Battleship, and then complained that he was not sweating.

It hurts my back just to watch that!

9/4 @ NYG
9/14 vs NO
9/21 vs ARI
9/28 @ DAL
10/5 @ PHI
10/12 vs STL
10/19 vs CLE
10/26 @ DET
11/3 vs PIT
11/16 vs DAL
11/23 @ SEA
11/30 vs NYG
12/7 @ BAL
12/14 @ CIN
12/21 vs PHI
12/20 @ SF

Holy crap, Chris... that is some awesome work. No wonder it takes a safety and a corner to slow you down enough for a linebacker to make a tackle on you.

Hail Skins and Thank You Chris -- This blog is amazing!
Lenny Kravitz and Collective Soul were the best songs in this video.

Hail Chris!

Do you know how disfigured I would become if I tried to lift that much weight? Not only would I never have kids, but I'd be constantly playing the game 'Limbo' wherever I went.

I am hoping we snag a big WR in the draft. Looking as though no WR is going in the first round so it would be great to trade down. Cheers brah!

Hey Chris,

I don't know if you are ever going to read this, but I noticed that when you were doing your squats...especially when you got closer to your max with 405 your knees started to come in pretty significantly...if you were to cant your feet out a little more and take a wider stance you would be able to drive your power out...your knees would drive out, and as such you would be able to squat a significant amount more than you do now...which would only make you even more bad-ass...if that is humanly possible.

love ya dude.


If I sit down with a six-pack of Hi-Life and a bag of salt & vinegar chips, do you think just by watching your workout that I will get in shape? Thanks.

How many of Fred Smoot's Smack energy bars does the Redskins Strength/Conditioning staff require players to eat before/after workouts?

Utilizing Fred Smoot, a pioneer in energy bar development, the Redskins should be able to gain a competitive advantage over the other 31 teams in the league.

I think the Smack bars will put the Skins over the top this year, I'll book my flight to Tampa now.

you ever gonna put anything new on this blog?

For the last comment, learn to have patience. Cooley will post when he wants to post.

Gotta keep that hot body!! Christy is soooo lucky!!!


I noticed the same thing. The ascending and descending were controlled a bit too much by the knees at the start of the motions in some reps and that the knees drew in.

It's one thing to keep it in with an Olympic squat, but it remains that way, and I probably wouldn't recommend it too much to a football player though.

The cleans were awesome though, made it look effortless after the initial pull, I can squat right alongside that but I'm a bit short in the clean and not nearly as solid of form.

Cool to see this stuff, who's shooting the vids?

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