Monday, March 31, 2008

College Highlights

This is a quick film of some college highlights from my senior year at Utah State. I know it's nothing special but we wanted to have clips from each stage of my career.

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Very interesting to see some college clips, thanks Chris. Can't wait to see what you can do in the west coast offense this year!

P.S. Love the song as well.

Love the highlight reel someone had some fun with the IMovie. :-)

Good to see your college highlights, never got a chance to see you play in college. Love the blog so far.

ExtremeSkins sent me by. If you were the GM of the Redskins, who would you draft? Not saying or implying a teammate is bad or should be replaced, but who imporesses you most out of the college players you've seen?

Great Blog.

Cool stuff man. Hey, where's that QB playing now? He has a rifle. Decent foot work too. A little small and maybe needs to slow himself down a bit at times, but pretty solid player.

Thanks Chris. Your blog is simply the best. I enjoyed everything that's posted, especially the videos and accompanying music. Keep posting. Best wishes to you and your bride to be. I've forwared your blogspot to your Biggest Fan in Boston, MA - my son. Yes, you have fans everywhere.

You're a riot! Hey if you need any help wth some charity stuff send me an email. I'm not rich but can tell u r the real deal. Missed the pics of ur fiance' heard she was hot - i luv it! Anyway good luck this year and tell Clinton to bring his butt to Iowa along with some trouble making city kids - It saved my life but yet kept me crazy. My offer is sincere - if I can be of any help my email is

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