Thursday, March 27, 2008

Now and Then

Every year at Logan high the video crew, led by Scott Harris, puts together a top notch highlight film for the football team. Scott was nice enough to give me the footage from my senior year and from that, we created this short film. Enjoy.

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Awesome shit!!! love this, always wonder how the NFL elite played in HS! great new site Chris

Mr. Cooley, Chris, Cap'n, dude, whatever I should call you...

I have to say, I liked watching you dominate off the D-line in high school. You were a bit goofy lookin' then, but it's an improvement on how you look now. Ok, I'm joking. You are the man. Keep it up, dude!

Dude, you were a beast. Looks like you were bigger then as a D-lineman!

No wonder you like to pummel guys after you catch the ball now, you miss the rush of that POW! on the d-line.

Cool stuff.

It's nice to see the real roots of Captain Chaos.

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