Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Cooley Gallery

I have to preface here by saying the blog is going back into full force. I know this is a bit understated, but it's the f-ing truth. I've been inspired to get my shit back together online and start putting some good work back on the market. Well, probably not good work, but at least whatever nonsense I have going on, or whatever weirdo shit I think is funny will be back in action. Also, I know what's below is about pottery, which seems pretty consuming to my resume right now, but it wont all be about making pots. Promise. Some though. A little. Not all.

It's amazing to me that amidst the middle of the offseason I have 3 million things going on. I guess thank god I have some plans when the owners lock us out next week. I knew I went to school for something! Didn't think I would be using what little of an education I received in the exact way I've began, but whatever the hell works I guess. Can't be a meathead football player forever anyways.

Now without sounding like the lamest pottery nerd of all time - which I'm becoming. Making pottery has transformed in to one of the most fulfilling parts of my life. I'm living for this shit right now! Of course it's no 90000 fans at FedEx field, but I may as well name my wheel Chasey Lain cause I'm ridding her pretty hard right now. And for that matter, I guess I'll call the Kiln Jenna.

Oh! And for anyone less informed, I also opened "The Cooley Gallery" in Leesburg Va. this last December. Yea, my own store. "Look at me, I can make money off football too!" No, I actually liked the idea of opening the store so people/fans would be able to see the work I was making. Seriously. Well now seeing converted directly into buying and I have started making pots at an exponential rate. I'm actually pleased the demand has been as high as it has because it's making me into a much better potter. Not to say the early pots weren't ok, but I'm getting pretty damn good.

More catching up soon. Again, I promise not just pottery. Real blog stuff. Whatever that means. But here's a few of the last pieces.

P.S. Expect typos.

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Congrats on your own store!!! I cant wait to swing by, show my support and purchase some awesome pottery!!!! Do you work at your store as well? Thats soo neat if you do!!! Im soo happy you are blogging again...I was having withdrawal!

Visited the store last weekend and met you and the lovely staff at the register. Were your parents there? My wife and I were discussing as the woman who helped me with my purchase. It was nice to meet you. Any way to contact you regarding a special pottery piece? Thanks

Thats soo neat if you do!!! Im soo happy you are blogging again...I was having withdrawal!

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