Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Ebay Pottery

Over the last couple weeks everyone has asked me what I have been doing. Honestly I've tried to keep busy with all kinds of stuff. Working out lasts about an hour a day, other than Dexter, Californication and the occasional Dan Helle, I really don't like TV and I need a reason not to drink beers every afternoon. (Yea, I'm aware that IR sounds better than a kick in the sack.) But to be honest, I gotta have something productive to do.

Thus, I've been dominating some pottery (Or trying, but I sure as hell can smash the clay all over the place if it doesn't work out.) and back to the what to do question? - I have literally spent and average of 10 hours a day going back to home made pottery school. It was cool to come home in the season and do some work on the wheel. I was involved beyond average trying to raise money for charity, but I have moved to another level of art awesome. Lame or not, I achieved truck drivers ass last week watching endless youtube pottery video, fortunatly no hemroid though! I have made trips to learn from guys like David Norton and Richard Busch - a couple amazing local potters who are above and beyond cool to help me out with my little obsession. I've now started to expanded my knowledge to mixing my own glazes, thanks largly in part to Fran at Manassas Clay, who without, I couldn't have even begun.

Things in my basement studio are really starting to come together and while I would much rather be playing football, I can't and I can't complain about becoming an artist. Through the last month I've collected more than 300 finished pots. Although, I would have liked the work to culminate in a show like I had planned, I still have them and am still willing to sell them for charity. Ebay now seems like my best option, not only because tons of people check it out, but cause it's cool as hell to watch the bidding on a item. I will be selling two different items from the art studio every day on Ebay for as long as I have stuff, which at the rate I'm at will be forever.

Also, since unbelievable observations seem to be made in a large numbers posted I will go ahead and say I look awesome. The pants I'm wearing are cool as hell!

Check out Ebay. My username is cooley717523 or you can search Chris Cooley ceramic. Really, it's pretty cool stuff, well at least I'm proud.

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Dude, those mugs are bad ass! I wish I had the cash to get them for my son for Christmas!

I thought I heard you on the radio a while back, before the injury, saying that you'd like to be on IR or something to that effect. Have you re-thought that now that you're actually stuck and do you miss football or just gameday?

Hope you're healing well!

I will give you 20 bucks for your whole collection

Really like the 47 flower vase! Great idea putting those up on ebay. I'm sure I'll buy a few of your pieces before to long.

Dope artwork man, I'm gonna search for a genuine cooley mug on the bay.

Beautiful work man. I would defintitely be interested in selling some these at a silent auction to benefit this charity. We just started doing the golf tournment this year and auctioned off a bunch of stuff. These would be a great addition. The charity information can be found on this website.

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