Saturday, November 7, 2009

Wired Up: Chris Cooley Part 2

Special thanks to Rebecca Mejia for the video.

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Any way you and colt and do a remake of the on a boat video?

Great idea. You could do it on your fishing boat-

Ha ha! I have no idea who you are, but that was hilarious :0)

Unrelated to this post but no idea where else to ask this, but is that Chris' voice I hear in the video released at the National Zoo of the deer escaping the tiger's exhibit?

Do you guys think you will win another game this season and which one?

A remake of Andy Sandbergs; I Threw It On The Ground would be cool.

You know your team is having a rough season when the highlight of the year is your 3rd string tight end making a tip toe catch in the endzone for a touchdown. Dont get me wrong that was a sweet catch by yoder but Cmon man give us little more to get excited about

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