Friday, November 13, 2009

Picks of the Week

Picks of the week are finally back. As always, we try and make this interesting by having a few guests pick with us. Last week, I told Larry Michael that if I beat him in picks of the week that I would host the show. Since we tied, we are re-doing the competition this week. If I win, Colt and I will host the show next Friday. So for the picks this week, it is Colt and I vs Larry. Send us your picks to If there are any perfect guesses, we will send out autographed mini helmets.

And don't forget that tonight I am going to be guest bar tending at Skye Lounge in DC. I am going to donate all the money we make from this to my education fund that is set up with the Redskins charitable foundation so know that it is going to a good cause. The cost is $75 dollars per person, but once you are in the door it covers all your drinks. It should be a good time so please come out and join us.

You can get your tickets HERE.

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Ummmm, I swore the Colts are playing the Patriots......

haha yea and the panthers are playin the falcons

colts and pats are playing each other and falcons and panthers are playing each other

Looking forward to the Cooley and Colt Show next week!

yeah larry michael totally screwed up by mixing up the panthers and patriots. of course you'd pick the colts over the panthers, but the problem is, they are playing the ga'darn patriots. (feel free to use ga'darn)

Mixing up the Panthers and Patriots is a pretty dicknose thing to do.

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