Friday, October 16, 2009

Interviewing the Caps

Credit Paul Hourigan for creative advice.

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PLEASE tell us you convinced Ted Leonsis to buy the Skins... ;)

Great job on the interviews—fun stuff.

Hey- good to see you back- even if it is about hockey!
Unleash the Fury!

Rockin' the Red...and the Burgundy!
I've been unemployed since Feb....but I always remain positive...just like True Redskins (and their fans)!
There's an (ironic) workplace saying that goes around when people are frustrated with what they precieve as management's mismangement: Too many Chiefs...not enough Indians....NOT this week!TAKE down the Chiefs!
...all the negative nay-sayers need a lift?...look for my license plate: RDSKNS1

Ovechkin reminds me of the dude from the movie clerks. Jay and silent bobs cousin from russia, he has a metal band in russia called fak you yankee blue jeans and sings "beserker"

No offense, but I'd much rather watch an interview with Alex Buzbee than any member of the Caps organization. Football > Hockey. I thought this was America?

@ArmChairQB ...sometimes out of no where, I just break out into song singing "beserker."

Does anyone else think that Chris would make a great stand-in body double for ET (the extra terrestrial?)Take a look at the pottery picture above, that middle finger is disturbingly long. Oh well, maybe it turns on Christy's "heart light."

Let's get this comment section for the blog going the goat says "crank it up f'ers"

Where's mcmike, mikeswench, thekingofvols, lizkaui & the rest of you fine folks that have been here since day 1? Together we can cut out all the negative stuff and bring back the laughs and the positive stuff!

You with me? Lets GO!!!!

Pick the comment section up? We need Cooley to get back to it. Who cares if the season is going into the crapper, this blog is still fun as hell. Where's the 20 questions, the ipod music, the cool shit Cooley does? It's MIA. Until Cooley gets back to having fun, this blog is dead to me.

nice work.....the season is not in the crapper, these guys work hard every day...its never in the crapper...the owner is in the crapper

This is pretty good! So what if its hockey? Caps are the best DC team these days!

Have no idea who Cooley or the other guy were, but great job on the interview, I'm guessing Cooley is the Redskins QB? He's great on camera, came off much better than OV in this one. Hockey > Football- how can it not be? It is faster, has more action,bigger hits and the best playoffs of any major sport!

Hey, is someone giving you and Tanner crap about this blog? Bring back the good stuff - don't want 10 days to do so. Loving the Skins!!!HTTR

Cooley and Skins fan here so don't flame.

I think CC crawled under a rock to hide from the blog b/c the skins are that bad. Sad to see it.


Always remember the fans are not mad at the players so much as they are upset with the administrators. Except for the idiots who constantly complain about JCamp but no one listens much to them anyway.

I was not even upset that we lost to KC yesterday becuase I expected it to happen. I will say my game ball goes to Fred Davis who ran down field with CP on that BIG run!! It showed heart!!! Same with Sellers great blocking!! This season isn't technically over, so just keep on plugging away. Hey if you can't fix it this year there is always next year. HTTR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At least we are not Tenn................................................. or the Bucs......................or the Rams...............and at least the Giants and Philly lost. I need to gaze at some juicy MEAT!!!

Chris, you and the skins are acting defeated and honestly play like a bunch of LOSERS!!!

Sad day to be a true skins fan!!!

Thanks for ruining the image abd history of this great franchise Danny; and a handful of money hungery players!!!

Here's my name if you want to start shit with the real redskins fan, YOU BUMS!!!

Jeremy Farrish

and my email:

*p*s* you should listen to what the Diesel, John Riggins. had to say on Twitter last week

I have been a Skins fan since age 6 when I went to my first game in RFK. This year, our players have tremendous talent and heart. I remind all of you the season is only 5 weeks old.

Teams with records of 6 and 10, 5 and 11 have made play-offs in years past. The Skins are my team, win or lose.

However, I would appreciate it if they could make it so I don't have to use the last part of that sentence very often for the rest of the season.

Chris, don't let the fair weather fans get you down! Yeah, we're depressed about the losses, but the true fans will stay with you no matter what!

Also, the Ovie/Green interview was nice and all, but just missing one thing -- Backstrom!!! ;)

mikeswench (Hey FP it's me!) :)

Fat Pickle sing beserker, Girl think sexy

Ok everyone on 3 , 1....2......3... Hail to the redskins hail vic... ah screw it

I just don't understand. Why do some of the fans say that fair weather fans are here. These people are are saying that THEIR team is terrible. They are saying nothing about that they are going to switch teams and be a Steelers, or even worse Dallas fan. They are just saying how bad Redskins are playing.
On a side note, this game proved its not just Jason Campbell. I don't even think it's coach Zorn. I think its the offensive line. I counted less than a second that the QB had time to get the ball off. Anyway, I think you played great, really. If the line gave the QB some more coverage i think we can still be a playoff game.

Miss you guys!
E:60 was awesome!

Come back soon!

E:60 was fun...


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