Thursday, October 29, 2009

How to Fill the Time

And I really want to say thanks to Z for coming. It was fun to have him there and great to know that he cares.

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Just remember when your online in ncaa 10 not to get to high on the highs and low on the lows the 12 year old on the other end is seasoned and wont roll over with notre dame just because he is down to utah state

Great to see you relaxing and healing! Be patient and all will go well! You are a bright spot on the Skins team and my family loves you, we just saw you in Jax, preseason. My daughter wears your jersey! Take care and keep smiling and the hair is crazy, but it's soooo you.

I find this ironic that me and Chris Cooley had surgery at the same time!
Only he had ankle and I had sinus surgery... but I had my Redskin blanket, and my CC47 shirt with me the whole time...
~Becca Jackson.

Just hit up your Twitter with my thoughts. Excellent teamwork. Good luck. Get well! And I hope nobody requests Zorn go to Med School instead of coaching!

Chris I think you should wheel around in one of those, fat people, motorized wheelchairs so you can get around the practice fields faster and give advice in a timely manor. It would also be realy funny to see that in a video. Stay awesome and drink milk.

Get better man! I remember after my ACL surgery having to sit around and do nothing. I watched a ton of food network and found out that vicodin makes me chatty. Football isn't the same without CC47

Chris, I saw JC17 at PNC yesterday. You should go there too.**germantown** I'll be tailgating out front.
P.S You Rule, and I expect you guys to beat Dallas twice this year.


thats so sick that you play ps3 over 360

it's clearly the superior console

Praying for a super quick recovery.

Hey Chris Hope you get better soon man. Were gonna miss you out there and Thanks for keeping us up to date with everything. If you get bored go buy Call of Duty 4 that game is bad ass

I had to leave Iraq to get surgery- so it was actually kind of cool...
Read a lot of books. Stephen King's Dark Tower series is really long and will pass the time.

Take care Chris and feel better!

I think you are one of the most entertaining people to watch and listen to. I hope your feeling better soon and that you get to be back playing in 4 weeks. your still on my fantasy bench btw.

get better quickly CC, offense doesnt run the same without u- fred davis bro

Vicodin is awesome. Best wishes & hope for a speedy recovery

You are in my prayers, get better soon Chris

Hey Chris! Our family is sending good thoughts to you. My daughter had reconstructive ankle surgery in August (also at the Foot/Ankle Institute at Mercy) and is still healing (she had a bone graft, cut tendon, pretty extensive stuff). She's had a miserable time, not playing sports this fall and now into the winter... Maybe I'll get her a PS3, eh? You are so very lucky that you only have a few weeks to recover. It's worth taking whatever time you need... We'll look for you at her next follow-up appointment, and maybe you guys could have a boot-walk race around the halls. Hang in there... and drink your milk... helps those bones heal more quickly... :)

Wishing you all the best Chris. I'm a big Skins fan (and huge Chris Cooley fan) from England and I'm also nursing a broken ankle (tibula) from playing soccer. Hope the recovery goes well - can't wait to see you back on the field.

Do you think Easterns could hook you up with a custom Hoveround Chair in lieu of the Porsche? Only kidding... What type of physical therapy do they have you doing for the next few weeks? What type of physical fitness regimine can you do to keep in shape? Just interested.
Get well soon!

Chris - thank you for your support & mentoring of Davis -- you are one kick-ass team player. Z man - class for being there with you all - not many coaches would do that

Hey Chris...hope your recovery is going well so far. I can only imagine what a bummer the season has been so far...and then breaking your ankle on MNF...UGH.

Hey, be sure to keep your fans in the loop on how your recovery is going. Tips on how to stay occupied would be especially appreciated--I'm about to have my own ankle surgery. I can't say I hurt myself doing anything as cool as playing pro football, though. I was walking my dog, and he went after a squirrel, and pulled me off my feet. VERY glamorous.

hey chris hope you get better soon and that we get to see you back on the field before seasons end. by the way chris, u said u play ps3 wats ur gamertag for online

huge fan man, i hope the recovery is going well, if you need any ncaa practice, hit me up on the PS3 network, LT11, im a professional when it comes to ncaa 10

Cooley - Once you start physical therapy, you should video tape it. I think it'd be interesting.

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