Thursday, October 29, 2009

FP: How To Fill The Time Part 2

I think the operation went quite well Mr. Cooley

I’d like to wish Chris a smooth and fast recovery over the next few weeks. Judging from the video, he's got a lot of free time on his hands so I compiled a list of things he can do to keep himself busy. I personally will be busy getting a massage, eating sushi at Nobu and playing 3 card poker at the Atlantis in the Bahamas. Oh well, that’s not as fun as some of the things on this list. We’d love to hear your ideas for how to keep Chris busy over the next 4 weeks…leave your suggestions in the comments section (and we are well aware that concentrating on football and getting healthy are a couple of things to do, but this is supposed to be fun…so have fun.)

10) Become the Redskins “extra, extra set of eyes.”

9) Dye the carpet to match the blinds.

8) Play
“You're it, quitsies!” with Tanner for hours on end.

7) Catch up on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

6) Develop a drinking problem.

5) Replay 87 Super Bowl (Skins 42 Broncos 10) over & over on Madden. Maybe the
Broncos will win one.

4) Re-create classic Beavis & Butthead scenes with fellow couch potato Colt Brennan.

3) Sing Air Supply and
Supertramp songs karaoke style with Yodes (good luck getting Goodbye Stranger out of your heads for the rest of the day...haha.)

2) Remind Nurse Christy after daily sponge bath that the doctor said beer and whiskey are the best medicine for a broken ankle.

1) Blog!

Thanks to Porkboy for his input on the list.

Cheers and Hail

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Im asking chris and all the good people who visit this site to please take a look at the following
Help the DC children

Ok so I know this isn't a funny idea (I will get to those) but this idea may change your view on life Chris. I suggest going to Walter Reed to visit the injured soldiers. My husband is a soldier and last time he was deployed and one of his soldiers came back that was not married I would make cookies and visit them in the hospital. Those guys had "simple" injuries like broken legs and what not. That was emotionaly, but great. I don't know if you know this but there was a soldier from Walter Reed who spoke to the NYG and brought them such good luck that they won the Super Bowl....he is a friend and lost both legs in Iraq. These guys need some good faces to cheer them up. They have a LONG road ahead. Watch out for the Dallas fans though, crazy ass people.

tammyschwen - what a great idea! Nothing better than hanging with folks who would truly appreciate and benefit from a few minutes with CC47!
Random acts of kindness are good for EVERYONE!!! And will bring blessings to the player and the team in many unseen ways!

teach F.Davis how to block while also telling sherm lewis that it's a bad idea to have a TE matched up with a DE 1-on-1 when you're not on the field. let's try to keep Jason upright long enough for him to make a play.

Be a pen-pal to my first grade class. They'll get a thrill out of hearing from you and you'll get a kick out of hearing what a crazy fan I am----they totally knew I'd wear my Redskins jammies on pajama day! HTTR!

I got something you know how Alissa Milano has that womens gear for the NFL. You should film a fake photo shoot of you trying the stuff on, and say stuff like how comfortable it is and how good it makes you feel, all the while you have this look of discomfort on your face.Maybe even try on a skirt and like go sit on the tiolet and say how its not just stylish but practical two. At the end you could have your wife wearing something looking smoking hot and then like steal her thunder and say Hey this is Chris cooley Approved. You can twist up though what how ever you think it could be funnier.

How about a reinactment of the surgery, with your bro in the room and feels that the surgen is not useing the right method and he jumps in to preform the surgery and he screws everything up like not giving u enough anesthesia so your awake but cant speak and your freaking out because you notice its your bro doing the surgery, and he is doing the wrong ankle.The reason your bro jumps in is because he feels he has learned enough in med school to be able to perform the surgery.

One scene could be him trying to put screws in but the whole time all he is doing is stripping out the screw thread and not having control of the drill and your just screaming and cussing him out but noone can hear you. Tanner then sighs and say something like "it not as easy as i thought it would be now lets see how this next one goes."

Drill battery runs out of juice while he is drilling in the screws.

He puts clamps on backwards and has to take them off and put them on right.there is all kinds of stuff you can do with that skit.

11. knit scarves for all your friends for Christmas (if you don't know how to knit, then "Learn to Knit" would be #11 and this one would move to the #12 spot)

12. Play arm-chair quarterback like the rest of us Redskins fans and talk about how, if only YOU were in charge, man, this season would be a whole lot different...

13. Dye your hair a different color every day, and post pics of yourself making goofy faces at the camera. My teenage daughter and her friends seem to get a kick out of that kinda stuff...

14. Write a list of comebacks to use on your future children (God knows, every parent wishes we had a list to refer to on a regular basis, so that we wouldn't sound so much like our OWN parents with things like "BECAUSE I SAID SO!) *cringe*... One of my favorites was when my 11 y.o. son asked, "Hey Mom... How fast do you think you can run?" Mom: "Depends on what's chasing me...")

15. Write a daily list of all the things you love about your wife and read it to her. Remember, she's the one who is feeding and taking care of your gimpy butt these days... :)

Ok. Most all of these posts have been ooooooober lame. Yes, there are some nice things you could do but the idea was funny, correct?

1. Go all "Dennis Rodman" with the hair.

2. I know that boot itches like hell (been there), so develop the sickest coat hanger ankle scratcher. Maybe you could mass produce it and sell it on ebay.

3. Catch up on all seasons of a "REAL" reality tv show. a.k.a. The Hills.

4. Scoop up Colt and continue the saga of "J Witdog and Romo." Loved that stuff.

5. Watch the Will Ferrell and Chris Farley Best of SNL dvd's. You will laugh for days. So serious on this one.

6. Get a family portrait taken. You know like those really cheesy ones everyone has. You, Christy and the dogs. Then hang it right in the living room. Priceless.

7. Play enough NCAA 2010 that you could develop your own playbook from plays in the game and call plays with Sherm in the booth.

8. Watch episodes of Crank Yankers and reinact them. (and record for viewing pleasure)

9. Try to brew your own beer. YOU WILL NEVER REGRET THIS DESICION!

10. Last but not least, if you have tried all these things and still bored........try to lick your elbow.

So, got any of those pics of your wife in the nurse costume? Sweet!

If you don't mind a road trip, you could come take over for Al Groh as interim coach for UVA...we could use some of your wisdom for a few weeks. Maybe you and TC could come up with some awesome phrases like Ochocinco, like you're version of "kiss da baby."

I think you should sit down with a piece of paper and come out with the next "wildcat" formation/play series. Maybe something that involves a 3 TE set, not unlike the Jumbo Ace in NCAA FB. & with all the guys hurt on the o-line the team could use that kind of formation.

Get a GA ticket to Bruce Springsteen in Baltimore on November 20th in Baltimore and come tailgate with me before hand. BAM!

How about signing and sending me a "Chris Cooley is my Life Coach" shirt?

Logan Light
506 Chesapeake Dr
Searcy, AR 72143

Your number 1 displaced fan

P.S. Oh, and living in Arkansas is like living in an extension of TX. Everyone is a cowgirls fan. Anything I can get my hands on to show my Skins pride, and show how much better our TE is (Really? Witten sucks), is fantastic.

Hope you heal quickly!

play video games online with fans
xbox 360 would be a good choice

You need to fill that gaping hole in your merchandise offerings. How is it you don't have an official "Cooley Cup" (aka drink Koozie)--you know those things that keep your drink cold. So--get busy and develop THE cooleyest cooley cup of all! If you do -I totally want a good dozen of the bad boys fully autographed.
~Skins12th at

You could check out Mike Green's blog:

pretty cool!

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Write a self-help book for guys! You could all it, "What Would Chris Cooley Do?", or "The Cooooooooool Guy's Guide to Life (and chicks)". Also, old You Tube videos are always a quick pick-me-up. If you haven't seen the old commercial "Terry Tate: Office Linebacker", you should look it up... It's CLASSIC!

I hope all is going well... be patient with yourself. You'll be back in action in no time!

Sending good thoughts!

Write a self-help book! You could call it: What Would Chris Cooley Do? or The Coooool Guy's Guide to life... also, watch funny youtube videos. If you haven't seen the old commercial Terry Tate: Office Linebacker, it's a classic! Have a great day, Chris. Sending good thoughts to you!

ok My name is Thomas and im 20 from Virginia and a huge fan of the skins (win or lose) and of captain chaos himself and i have a great way to past the time....ok first of all try baking random stuff and feeding it to the guys on the team (make it taste good or horrible u decide lol) also try coming up with ur own plays for the skins to use or just for the hell of it...and oh ya of course keep a video camera handy thats a must...have some cripple sex see how that goes for ya lol and walk around naked all day long...its ur house lol

Thanks for reading if u did and ill think of more in the next few days

Thomas Campbell

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