Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tell Me Something Wednesday: That's a Wrap!

We'd waited 15 days to hear those words, crackling across 9 walkie-talkies and reverberating throughout Chris Cooley's cavernous estate—all while trying to keep an excited and growing crowd of cast, crew, and wrap party revelers quiet for the final shots.Principal photography on Ghosts Don't Exist wrapped at 7:50PM Monday night, just in time for the arriving mass of friends, family, investors, and other guests—all eager to celebrate the completion of the film we've worked so very hard on for the past few weeks. It was the culmination of a terrific concerted effort, and the beginning of the next phase of the project—post production.

Our final day of filming was a breeze, helped along by gorgeous weather and the wonderful setting of the Cooley home. Chris and Christy generously hosted our wrap party, which included a surprise sneak peek at the trailer (a rough cut created on site by editor Matt West).

We will post the official trailer here as soon as it's completed!

The night—and indeed, the entire production to date—was a huge success. There were hugs and congratulations all around, as cast and crew remembered fondly the long hours we'd invested, breathing both a sigh of relief and regret that this portion had finally reached it's end. Much like the end of a memorable school year, we all made sure we had each others' contact info, (and Facebook, of course) and collected autographs throughout the night.
For many of us, it was back to the "real world" on Tuesday—coping with the withdrawals that come with the end of an incredibly fun, rewarding production like this. But of course, this is really only the beginning. The ride has just started, and will only pick up steam as editing is completed, distribution deals are reached, and film festivals come calling—so stay tuned.

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