Saturday, May 23, 2009

Fishing Anniversary

This trophy blue gill is the first fish landed by me on my boat. No I am not proud to admit that today was the tenth time that I have been out on the river and this little guy was my first, although I am ecstatic that I have breached the positive fish count category. I swear I'm pretty good at catching trout, but I must be the worst bass fisherman alive.

Christy and I spent a little more than two hours on the river today and by the end I did manage my first measly bass, caught it behind a rock in the middle of the river with a little green rattle trap lure. Christy, who usually beats me on the river was skunked for the day. She did loose three lures though! Bass Pro Shops will be happy, I'll be sure to spend more money.

Also, I need to mention that today is our one year anniversary. How cool is it that my wife wanted to take me fishing. I love you baby! Now we eat year old cake!

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I Love To Fish ! Can I Come With Next Time ? HaHa

Chris, you've got to lip that sucker between your thumb and pointer finger. Glad to see you're out on the river. I just need to get a boat like yours.

what kind of boat do you have?

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