Saturday, May 16, 2009

Chili Cook Off T-Shirts

About a month ago Reed Doughty to join him as a judge of the DC 101 chili cook off. He said it was a charitable event for kidney disease, which is awesome to be able to help out. Then he told me that Third Eye Blind would be there, as well as the Offspring and a few other bands that I didn't even hear because I was as excited as Sidney Crosby wearing his leather pants to a Clay Aiken concert (I guess I'm still saddened with the beating taken in game 7).

Well, Reed calls me yesterday, says the tickets are in order and all is good to go, even the back stage passes. Hell yes, back stage passes. I'm figuring that means I get to go up and sing with the band on stage (sarcasm), but maybe just one, so I decided last night that I had to have a Third Eye Blind t-shirt. Now as cool as I think TEB is, they just don't carry their shirts at Super Target. Plus, after looking at my options online, I really didn't find anything super cool. They kind of just have this lame 3b logo with a circle around it. So I decided to construct my own, much cooler version.
Off to Michaels I went and yes I am aware of how baddass Michaels Crafts is, they do have sharpies and shirts though, and bedazzlers, just in case I wanted some jewels. Success! After two hours of shirt drawing I am proud of my accomplishment. Third Eye Blind is awesome! And so is my shirt.

The concert should be bad ass. I will look forward to seeing everyone there, drinking a couple cold ones, eating some crazy chili and believe it or not, singing my ass off with the bands. Great day!

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