Tuesday, April 7, 2009

FWG: Cooley Fans Around The World

Sorry I have been MIA for a while. Thought I would share this one with you. After a few posts on this blog I received some fan mail. You know its good when the e-mail starts off, "No, I'm not a stalker"--I immediately trusted him. The e-mail was from Jason DeGrasse who is stationed over in Italy. Bottom line he is a huge Skins fans (despite my attempts to tell him how great the Bills were) an even bigger fan of Chris Cooley, and absolutely starved for American football.
I told him to come to the game. He said he'd be "the one in the Cooley jersey"--the stage was set a-la Sleepless in Seattle.
Jason turned out to be a good guy, and an even better fan. Heckling the shit out of the other team and when their cornerback got taken "up top" for 6 on a fade ball--he absolutely had him on the ropes. I'll let his email speak for itself, but just so you know: There are Cooley fans around the world.From Jason DeGrasse:
A Skinny White FWG/Redskins Fans Story about the Caranthian Black Lions

I'd have to say I was thoroughly suprised at the level of play by both teams on Saturday. Europeans don't have the pee wee footballs system like you were saying Lunn, but they obviously understood the game. What was funny to us is how the Americans all have massive "A's" on their helmets. It was like before the non-American players got hit, they thought, "Oh shit, ze Amerikan iz about to kill me." When they saw that "A" running at them, their knees buckled and they shit themselves. No, literally, half the other team had shit stains on their white pants from Lunn and #21 annihilating them. No shit, when was the last time you played both sides of the ball all game Lunn? Now I see why you were talking about losing weight. You can eat all the "mystery meat" you want my friend, but running like that for a few months and you will have to change your name to the Annorexic White Guy. Lunn was a beast, the other team never ran the ball to his side and he was contanstly double/triple teamed. The few times he broke through that weren't a run/screen play the QB got put on his ass. The best time was when Lunn and #21 both pieced up the Danube, which we found out means Dick in German, Dragons QB. The Caranthian Black Lions QB, also American, had some quick feet and a good arm, but was running for his life all game. He still managed to find #70, also American, all game. Even threw a nice jump ball in the end zone where #70 out jumped that other "letting my talk out shine my performance but I'm awesome b/c I have a Fro-hawk" American (I need to say thanks to #70/#14 for that, the play before I was talking a lot of shit to that "fro-hawk" dude, and if he stopped you guys, I would've been the first to hear it). Another awesome thing was how you guys all came out and bullshitted w/your fellow American fans. On the field you didn't look as big, but you bastards are some big dudes in person. The only thing that was really odd, was the end of the game fiasco. What the hell was that? All the players lining up along the side line and three or four guys running in front of them while the other players, 'cept the Americans, doing the wave? It was like immediately after the game, both teams turned into a Vegas-style dance team.....minus the Americans. That's Europe though, even when it's cool, it's gay.

All in all, I have to say, if you're ever in Austria, want to grab a few beers, and watch "ze Amerikan Football", then don't shy away from the Caranthian Black Lions. It was fun as shit to watch and the price was right, especially during the offseason for NFL/College Football......Go Redskins!

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