Wednesday, March 18, 2009


It is rumored that there is a possible trade in the works for angry Jay Cutler.  There were a couple different internet possibilities.  The first would be with the Broncos, including Cutler and Scheffler for Campbell and myself.  Another was a three way trade between the Browns and in that scenario Campbell and I would go to Cleveland, Cutler/Scheffler would come here and the Broncos would get Brady Quinn, someone else and draft pick.

Trade talk is a weird wake up at 6:30.  Obviously something was said between teams to cause this internet trading shit storm.  I would be pissed if I got my ass shipped to Cleveland.  But seriously, when the internet is the first news I hear about something this big I would hope it to be speculation.  Really, it could have been a couple owners bullshitting and joking around about guys and someone leaked it.  No big deal.  I would be blown away to hear anything more.  It is nice to read extreme skins posts about not wanting me to go.  Thanks! 

By the way, I do get to hang out with John Elway a little bit this weekend at the Dulles Sports Expo in Chantilly VA.  I'm gonna bring a ball and ask him to smoke one for me.

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