Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Cooley Brackets

March madness is upon us and Chris and I have decided to do a little bracket challenge. Of course Chris thinks he is some wise analyst when it comes to making the picks. He even printed out expert brackets to cheat off. I on the other hand went with the "just pick 'em" method. The only college teams I have followed all year were North Carolina, Maryland, and Utah State. So I feel like my odds aren't that great, but who really knows? Here is what Chris has to say followed by a picture of his bracket. After that, my justifications and my bracket.

CHRIS: Nothing on television is better for me than the first two days of bracket watching greatness. The best part being that I know absolutely nothing about college basketball or really basketball on any level. Well I guess I know a couple things. One, I'm awesome at shooting 3's and two, I will dominate Tanner in our head to head bracket challenge. I know I have a couple crazy scenarios, but if I'm going to win it might as well be in a landslide. To be honest, I nearly picked Utah State all the way, it took a lot of self discipline to stick with Memphis. For some reason I feel good about Syracuse, again I don't know anything, but they did look good in the Big East tournament and that's good enough for me. Hope everyone had as much fun watching ESPN and making as many educated first round decisions as I did.

It's laughable to think that I could lose to Tanner. I'm 100% confident. Wawawow.

TANNER: The great thing about my bracket is the fact that I have 2 Big East teams and 2 ACC teams fighting for their shot at the title. Sorry Rob Lunn, but I have your Huskies losing to N.C. in the title game. I feel good about this pick and after seeing the President's bracket today, I feel that I am in good company. Prepare to lose Christy...I mean Chris

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