Thursday, March 5, 2009

TC: No T.O.

Last offseason the Redskins conjured up a plan that involved two first round draft picks for one Ocho Cinco. As of last night, T.O. hit the market and it made me wonder if the Skins will continue the pursuit for another high profile receiver. But thankfully has confirmed that the Skins are not interested.

Our initial knee-jerk reaction to the news that Terrell Owens had involuntarily gained his freedom from the Cowboys was that Owens would most likely land with the Redskins or the Giants.

And, already, both teams have reportedly said no.

Chris Mortensen of ESPN reports that the Redskins have issued an adamant “no thanks” regarding the possibility of signing Owens.
This is great news for us Skins fans but still leaves us wondering, where will he go. So please share your thoughts on the recent TO situation. Which team will he implode next?

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