Monday, January 12, 2009

Playoff Interviews: Brent Celek

Congrats to Brent Celek and the Eagles on making it to the NFC championship. He scored a big touchdown yesterday helping take down the Gmen and now he visits The Cooley Zone for a interview.  Not only is he a great guy as well as a great dancer, he is also funny as hell.  We had a solid talk about the toughest D-ends, how bullshit 3-4 defenses are for tight ends and how we possibly have the worst bodies in the NFL.  At least it's obvious we're not on performance enhancers.

Cool - We watched you on film all year in the Redskins tight end room we had to have a nickname.  Obviously you have been called Tom before, but do you have anything else to go by?

Magnum PI -  Not really, guys joke around and call me Magnum PI.  I can't grow out the mustache, I've tried, it's so bad!

Cool - In our playoff analysis Colt Brennan boldly claimed you were "not only a great guy, but a great dancer."  Yoder and I confirmed you were the best.  Do you have any patented moves?
Magnum PI - I call it the single arm dumbbell press.  When I get annihilated and start to go back to that move I know it's time for the end of the night.  

Cool - Philly --- Best or worst fans in the game, you know I'm gonna say worst, but I'll give you a shot?
Magnum PI - There the best fans dude.  Best fans ever.  They're very critical and support us no matter what, but when things are good, there great.  

Cool - If this game had to come down to a WWF royal rumble Celek vs. Lenard Pope who wins and why?
Magnum PI- I would definitely win.  I would suplex him.  His long arms scare me.  I think he's like 6' 10", but I think I could take him.

Cool - I didn't catch one touchdown from our quarterback all season.  How were you able to get so wide open on the goal line?
Magnum PI  - I've only scored two touchdowns this year and both on the same play  Pass 64 Z corner.   I think the key on the goal line is to outside release everything.  Even if its a nine technique, outside release.  If the inside backer who is supposed to cover you sees you go outside he always think you are blocking and lets you go.

Cool - Before we played the Cardinals this season Adrian Wilson blurted out that he would kill me on the field in a radio interview.  Are you intimidated by his play at all?  If you're 1 on 1 in the open field do you juke or go head first?
Magnum PI - I think Adrian Wilson is a great player.  He got pissed of on a touchdown when we played them earlier this season and on the field goal the next play he absolutely almost ripped my helmet off. It scared me a little bit. I got to give it to him, he's a beast. (Sighs) I'm not a big open field juker so I would probably put my head down.

Cool - Kurt Warner will be praying pretty hard for a Cardinals win.  How do you overcome the will of God?  
Magnum PI - Haha. I think Dawk's gonna be praying harder for a Eagles win.  

Tomorrow morning check the audio feed of my phone call to Terrell Suggs on Shutdown Corner.  "It's hot." And stay with us for many more playoff interviews.

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