Sunday, January 25, 2009

FWG: Interview with Donny Brown

Donny Brown is UCONN’s all time leading rusher. He holds every major rushing record and is probably the best player ever to come out of Storrs. After much speculation he decided to forgo his final year of eligibility and enter the NFL Draft. It should also be noted that he is probably the world’s most humble running back. He is the first to defer credit to his offensive line and last to blame anyone but himself. Donny Brown, the ultimate competitor is a projected 1st to 2nd round draft pick. Here is my interview with him.

Fat White Guy: Donny Brown! How’s it hanging my man?
Donny Brown: It’s hanging.
FWG: Heard you were in New Haven this weekend. Not even a heads up for your boy? I had to find out from an ex lover?
DB: Sorry man, I just flew in for the weekend..
FWG: (cuts him off) yeah yeah yeah. Alright I gotta ask you some questions. That cool?
DB: Yeah that’s fine.
FWG: So what agency did you end up signing with?
DB: Athletes first, CEO David Dunn. It came down to comfort level. It came down to who the straight shooters were.
FWG: Was it tough going through the agent-finding process while still “in season”, and keeping your decision to go to the next level between you and your family?
DB: Honestly, I didn’t deal with any agency stuff until the season was over. I let my parents handle it, they updated me here and there but I wasn’t making any decisions until [UCONN] was done.
FWG: As far as your NFL Draft Rating where are they thinking you will go.
DB: Right now the average of the 10 teams they surveyed was a 2nd round draft grade.
FWG: Have you received your invite to the combine yet?
DB: Juniors receive a later invite, but you can count on it. I’ll be there.
FWG: Where are you training for the combine?
DB: Velocity in Irving California
FWG: As far as combine testing goes. What’s your greatest strength? Physical or Mental?
DB: A mixture of both. I’ll do pretty good on and off the field. Of the 4 days of the combine, the majority is off the field stuff. Only the last day is physical.
FWG: The NFL is notorious for doing thorough background checks. Are you worried about them finding some ex girlfriend or former lovers?
DB: (long pause)--laugher--No Comment
FWG: No Comment? Come on.
DB: They don’t ask ex-lovers, dude.
FWG: You got skeletons in your closet?
DB: (laughing) No. Asshole. The deepest they go is high school coaches.
FWG: You shop at Vitamin Shoppe and not GNC
DB: Yeah. I like the deals.
FWG: Alright that’s it. Any words of wisdom for anyone else out there who might take an interest in your career?
DB: (laughing) Not a thing.


Some huge moments in American History yesterday.
I keep seeing that inauguration video. The motorcade with Obama and Bush riding in the same car together. I couldn’t help but think what they were saying to each other:
“Toilet paper is in the closet third shelf down, extra staples in the top right drawer….whatever you do don’t pick up the red phone”

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