Tuesday, October 14, 2008

TC: Random Update

I know that everyone has anxiously been waiting for an update from Chris which I promise is coming but until then some interesting things have happened that I want to hear your thoughts on.

  • First is Romo - Its crazy that he will be back just in time to play us at FedEx but I wouldn't want to give the Cowboys fans any excuses of why we beat them the second time around. With his injury comes Roy Williams. Interesting that instead of signing a younger QB the Cowboys decided to add another high paid receiver to their arsenal.

  • Giants lose - There are a few reasons that this is good. One, I know that watching this last night helped ease the pain of the Rams loss. Second, the Skins now have all the motivation they need for this weekend against the Browns.

  • Old Seahawks become new Redskins - Shawn Alexander is an interesting move yet I can't wait to see him back up Portis in his old system. I'm sure he will be a good addition. Ryan Plackemeier...I guess since Chris can't punt going this route was a better decision.

  • Doughty on IR - this sucks for Reed but thanks to Horton and his phenomenal play the team will be fine.

  • Pacman Jones = Smartest man alive

  • Finally, Pro Bowl voting is now open so please vote for Chris and the rest of the Skins from the link on the right.

Now I know that isn't what everyone wanted but Chris will be back in action soon. And so will Vladimir. "What can Brown do for you?"

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