Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Back to work.

So the last couple days have been a nice little sabbatical from life, no football, no blog, just a couple days hanging around the house. Good thing I'm working for myself on this website, cause as lazy as I was on Monday and Tuesday was close to embarrassing. The only goal I had for myself went unaccomplished, I needed a new drivers license, but the printer was broke at the Leesburg DMV. I mean really, how does that happen? I did accomplish two full seasons of College football on PS3, taking Utah State to their first bowl game since 1997.

I feel like there are a few things that need to be addressed. We showed up and played our asses off last Sunday. No one under estimated the St. Louis Rams, we knew that they were a good football team and I don't feel like we were playing down to a different level. I was happy with how hard our team played and how we fought back to take the lead close to the end of the game. Problems arise when you turn the ball over three times and commit costly penalties deep into drives. Yes, I was a culprit of both offences and I could make excuses for them, but I'm not going to. Instead, I'll keep running my ass off when I catch the ball.

I've also heard that this "blog" is distracting my attention from football. I may not be playing as well because of a website. For anyone with this concern I will assure you that sitting in front of my computer for a half hour every day is not much different than if I was gonna watch TV. No one's bitching if I'm at my house watching Seinfeld. Also, adding a couple funny improv videos every week really isn't that big of a deal. Finally, because I'm sharing some fun with everyone doesn't mean I'm dying for attention, we just like doing the stuff were doing. (If this explanation didn't appease everyone than consider that this is the best start to a season I've had in my career. Forget about just stats, which are pretty damn good, the last five games are the best I've ever played. Hopefully that helps.)

That shit being said, it was great getting back into work this week. After the last two days of sulking I was up early and with a great attitude, three cups of coffee didn't hurt either. By 8:30 this morning I had Yoder in referees position in the lobby of Redskins Park. Later in the day we were busy coming up with lude ab routines in the weight room.. Double dogs and eagle ups might have to make a video appearance later in the week. Practice was outstanding, which wasn't a surprise considering this is a blue collar working team that is excited to get back on track. We will be back on track.

One last thing I've been thinking about all weekend. Josh Brown, wtf, just miss the kick.

One more thing, our new punter is not skinny.

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