Monday, September 22, 2008

Skin the Birds

Like BTO, we're taking care of business. Taking care of business every day. We just finished off what could have been the most underrated home stand I've ever been a part of. The 2008 Cardinals are an outstanding football team, a team that nobody should be surprised to see win their division. Lets also not forget that the Saints are within 7 points of being 3-0 and being considered one of the best teams in the game.

We're becoming a team. Not just a bunch of Redskins walking around with a swagger saying we have enough talent to beat anybody, but a team. We're a group of men that will go to work and we've proved it the last two weeks while we've worn down our opponents in the fourth quarter. Of course we can become more consistent, and that's exactly what we will do as we continue through this season, but I think I speak for everyone to say it's been an awesome feeling putting teams away.

A little more to the tune of my game, I was excited to be a big part of the offense again this week, and think I can keep getting better and better. I had a chance to get into the end zone if I would have just went up over the top. Really, when I saw the blocking set up I felt like I was going to sneak in, their safety came down an hit me on the hip, but I'm gonna be pissed when I see it on film. At least I can say I sacrificed the touchdown for Yoder, a trade that I would make anytime. I was stoked to make the catch at the end of the game. I love that Z man will get after defenses with the game on the line. When JC called the play in the huddle I looked at the O-Line promising them I would get the first down. Before the play started I knew there would be no one in the flat, they lined with a safety in the middle of the field so the corner on my side was going to have to run off with the receiver. I have to give a run fake on the linebacker who had me in man coverage and he bit hard down inside. It was actually a tough throw for J who had to roll to his left and squirm his body around to get me the ball. Once it was in my hands I knew the game was over, but I was trying to score, no Brian Westbrooks here, I was going for the end zone. I mean, I already gave up my fantasy points to Yods! Really I was just so happy we could finish off another one.

With it officially being Dallas week we got to gear it up again. I mean really gear it up. Coming into last week the Cards were 2-0 and the motto for the game was "the 0 must go." It worked pretty well for us so I'm sure we'll stick with it. The 0 must go for big D, and we're gonna get after it. Not much of a break for the Skins, team run today is at 11:15. I'm sure the gassers are gonna feel so good!

photos by Brian Murphy

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