Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Cowboy Dan: Taking the Loss

“dude what happened to the cowboys, geez”

That was the text I got from Cooley and instantly after that familiar feeling in my gut crept back; the same feeling I had on Sunday around 7:30.

As die hard fans, regardless if it’s the Skins or the Boys, we are all familiar to that feeling. Usually, the week leading up to the big game, we all do our share of trash talking to our friends, family, co-workers; hell anybody who isn’t rooting for our team. We lay ourselves out there, completely helpless (except in Chris’s case) of helping our teams get the victory. All we have is the anxious, fired up feeling to get us through the whole game, all of us hoping for that crushing win. In the back of our minds however is that if God forbid our teams don’t win, we will endure one hell of a ribbing from the opposition. Most of us will turn all phones off, unplug the computer, close the blinds and turn off the lights. Those who are either brave or stupid will welcome the ribbing with excuses that try to take away the pain of losing.

Of all the differences, Redskins and Cowboys fans have, we both share that same feeling twice a year. Its one hell of an exciting week leading up to the big game, and for half of us, it’s one shitty week following the big game. Unfortunately, my week is only half over.

Written by Cowboy Dan

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