Tuesday, September 9, 2008

8 Years a Backup is Finally Paying Off

When you wake up Friday morning and throw on your jersey before you head off to school, butterflies already in your stomach, you think, “I wonder what college scouts will be at the game tonight. USC? CAL? OREGON?” Well that’s probably the thought that ran through the head of Matt Cassel the last time he started a game at QB. For Chatsworth High School. But if anyone has trouble remembering after 3 Super Bowls here’s a refresher; in 2001 Tom Brady’s name wasn’t on the news...ever. He was the backup to big Drew. And if being a fan of the NFL has taught me anything, it’s that all some guys need is a shot.

“Nothing changes for me from a preparation standpoint,” Cassel said when asked if his preparation this week was any different given Brady’s status. “You go out each and every week with the same intensity. You have to be ready to play at any given time. The hard part about it is you never know when you’re going to get that opportunity.”
Ya, that is the hard part isn’t it? I mean after playing behind two Heisman winners in college and charting plays for a two time Super Bowl MVP for, well, your whole career you don’t really prepare for a shot let alone expect one. So good news for the Patriots is that Tom has been hurt since February and my gut tells me that Matt got his butterflies out in the 4 preseason losses this year. I have a crazy feeling that Matt Cassel is going to drop bombs on Brett and the J-E-T-S Jets, Jets, Jets on Sunday. At least I hope so -- last week I said ECU would get their asses whipped by WV and look what happened there. Prove me right Matt, I know you can.

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