Friday, August 8, 2008

Beard Co-Champions

How am I going to explain myself to brothers with amazing beards when I shaved mine off a week early? Well, by crowning them beard champions. I feel like there will be no dispute on my decision, these crazy canadian beards are maybe the best I've ever seen. I've also decided that since these guys may not be able to make it to the game they will be able to choose a different game. This decision was made only after the amazing pictures graced my email.

Now I understand that some people may feel cheated out of the contest. Especially since I was the only judge. Christy and I have taken this into close consideration and decided that I will make one more beard category! A fan vote will be implimented for the third and final beard winner. I am going to limit it to a final five contestants that I feel deserved to be seen. The pictures and the voting will be up for a week on the site starting next Wednesday. If you have not sent in final beard pictures or want to alter your final picture please do so in the next day and send to The winner will take tickets to the next home preseason game and a pass to come hang out in the players lot after the game. Once again thanks so much for participating in the contest. It has been so much for for me and I hope for all involved. As soon as possible I will conduct a full video interview with our new winners.

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